Coach at the gym

  1. I saw a Coach sig hobo on the treadmill today. It wasn't working out there was a lady on the equipment exercising, the bag was just hanging on it. I have seen a few bags in the cardio room before but this was the first Coach.
    Do any of you work out with your bag?
  2. oh come on! gyms are so germy yuck! this falls in line with the 'purse abuse' thread from earlier, why would people be so mean to such nice purses. your purse doesn't want to be on the treadmill! :yes:

    I either leave my purse at home and just bring my drivers license and gym card or I'll lock my purse in the trunk before I go.

    I just remembered that my gym doesn't allow gym bags or purses on the gym floor, they must be in the locker room
  3. does lugging it around during shopping count?
  4. I bring my bag everywhere with me I must admit. i don't work out but I go to the tanning salon with it. I guess I'm kinda hard on my bags. Good thing I decided not to get the Cottn Carly.
  5. I vote yes! shopping can take a lot out of you! as long as you don't drag your purse on the floor behind you
  6. Shopping not only works out your body but your heart and soul as well. :yes:
  7. shopping IS a workout. it's about the only time i get my heart rate up, lol. (okay, so it's mainly bag-induced, but still...)
  8. it's a cureall. should be a new a solution to world peace.
  9. I agree. I would never use one of my handbags for the gym. But I would love it if coach made gym bags, I would so get one.

  10. :nuts: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Quote:
    Originally Posted by handbag helen [​IMG]
    Shopping not only works out your body but your heart and soul as well. :yes:

    ITA!!!! Lordy I :heart: :heart: shopping!! Too much, too! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. well the hamptons weekends like could be seen as a gym bag
  13. When I go to the gym I only carry my ipod (with headphones), my id and my keys. My purse gets locked up in the trunk.

    Why would you carry your purse at the gym?? You're there to work-out. I also don't get women who wear make-up to the gym as well.

    My 0.02 cents :smile:
  14. i use a wristlet when i go to the gym. and yes it matches with what i am wearing.
  15. I carry a no name tote to the gym. But I'll say pretty much the same thing that I said in the bag abuse thread... it's theirs to do with as they please. I just learned this lesson recently and it sure makes me feel better not worrying anyone elses stuff! I got my hands full with my own stuff. ;)