Coach at the bar...

  1. My boyfriend sent me this picture and said this

    "real signature stripe tote and fake coach I'm totally stalking purses at the bar..."

    I said how'd you know they could be real good fakes, and he said he asked the lady with the stripe tote and she said she got it at macys and he said the other just looks fake.

  2. lol thats funny ... my fiance would never do that haha
  3. This is HYSERICAL!! My Hub only txt mgs me pics of horses!!!!
    (and once a pic of himself but we won't go there)
  4. Hahaha

  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. too funny!!! It's so hysterical how our Coach obsessions rub off on our SO's! :roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. too funny..
    I did that one while in swiss chalet, I sent a pic to my s/o of a fake lv manhattan .. hehehe
  9. That is too funny!
  10. I guess the ladies/girls said how do you know this stuff? And he's like IDK I guess I'm gay...

    I said did you tell him your GF is obsessed?

    He said he told them I have a valid business model??

    Which I don't get at all? But oh well?
  11. LOL....I need to train my DH to do the same! It'd be great if he knew the difference but he tells me that he'll only buy from the Boutique or the Outlets anyhow.

    From the pic, I think the Tote on the right looks like an Outlet Tote (mini sigs) - not Fake - but I could be wrong (hard to tell with mini sigs if they line up or not from afar).
  12. Yeah i think it's mini sig...

    I asked him what business model meant and he said how I buy and sell for profit...

    But I just tell him that so he lets me buy... LOL

    I'm like of but if I wanted to sell this I could make this much back or even if I used it for a bit I could make pretty much back what I paid...


    I think I'm going to talk him into letting me get the new stripe tote and selling it... I just like making money... HAHA...

    Is that bad?
  13. lol very cute story :smile:
  14. That's hillarious! My DH does the same thing with me when we go out. It's like he knows what I'm thinking when a "suspicious" bag comes our way. He just says, "Real or fake?" and I'll say, "What do you think?" He's gotten pretty good at it. It's a game to him!
  15. haha. I love it! My hubby gets all pissy whenever I mention anyones fake, no matter how quiet it is. He calls me a bag snob. hah. obv, I'm not the only one!:p