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Should Coach be sold at Target?

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  1. Before I went to college [in September], I stopped by my nearby Target to pick up a few necessities. Much to my bewilderment, I saw a small rack with Coach signature handbags, wristlets, and wallets chained to the shelf. I was mortified, to say the least, to see them again when I went back in December!

    Many may think that Target is more of an, how do you say, "upper ended" necessity store but I found it quite disappointing and maybe hurtful to Coach's brand and image that it was being distributed at a Target store. My friends have not seen them in theirs, so hopefully it was just mine. Hopefully!

    As an intended Business Economics major, I want to explore and analyze this sort of "extreme" venture that Coach has taken out. What is this movement at the cost of? And did Coach directly take this step of action to broaden their "affordable luxury" image? And does it hurt those who already own Coach?

    I know that Coach has an image of affordable luxury, but I do not think that having Coach at Target, alongside a bag of Doritos and maybe a gardenstake is helping them maintain their brand as a luxury accessory company. What do you TPFers think? :shrugs:

    [Oh, and this is just my opinion, so please do not get angry at me for it. :shame: ]
  2. The only time I think it might be ok to have COACH at Target is if there is no other store within at least 150 miles which sells COACH. Otherwise, I guess I just don't see the point, go to a department store or a boutique.

    For example, I have heard that the Target in Auburn Hills, MI has carried some COACH items. I see no reason whatsoever for this. At that location, you are just a hop skip away from at least 3 malls which carry COACH, if not 3 boutiques themselves.
  3. ^Ditto... I'm from that area and agree 100%!! Go to one of the many stores or boutiques within extremely close driving distance to get Coach!! Why would you go to Target....
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