Coach at Target stores?

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  1. that just seals the coffin for coach if they are doing that.

    Alaso, I know that Target has a fair knockoff of Antik jeans...haven't seen any real...who knows...
  2. My brother's girlfriend was actually telling me about this (she's a hair stylist) and she was saying that Target almost buys those products on the "black market of hair supplies" as she put it. They should only be sold in salons and most of the product they do sell at Target stores is old :Push: I'd pay the few extra bucks to go into a salon to buy it. Lucky for me, I don't have to. I use her discount and get it straight from the beauty supply store. Yay!

    It sucks that DB and Coach are now appearing in Target stores. For some people it might be more convenient... but I think it kind of puts down the name. IMO
  3. It does. Why would Coach put out a $10,000.00 bag, but then turn around and put their bags in Target? They don't need to try and get both ends of the spectrum. They need to just stick with the original audience of people.
  4. Exactly! :yahoo:
  5. Why does Coach have outlets? It's because Coach is for the general customer whether she spends 10k on a bag or 60$ on a bag at the outlet.

    Coach DOES NOT sell handbags to outside sources (ie. Target, TJ Maxx etc), The only sources they do send their bags to are the Coach Stores, Contracted Dept stores and the bags they make it to the stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx are coming from the Dept. Stores. I'm guessing this is what is happening with the Target situation.

    However, I can say that we do send footwear that has gone on sale in the stores that has not sold out by a certain time to outside venders but i'm not sure where exactly they go.

  6. ^ I've seen alot of Coach shoes from previous seasons at DSW, Nordstrom Rack, & Marshalls.

    I agree Nathansgirl..
  7. Oh, I know they are there but i'm not exactly sure where Coach sends them directly compared to Dept Stores sending them too.
  8. I'm going to have to run out to Target today, and see if they have any Coach. I love Target, it's one of my favorite "big box" stores. I don't like Walmart.
  9. That just seems sooo weird to me. I love Target, but it just doesn't make sense to me why Coach would want to be in their stores seeing as they definitely want to present a high-class image (and most bags at Target are less than $30 and not real leather). I live in the Metro Detroit area (Troy), so if I will definitely let you all know if I see some Coach bags next time I am there.
  10. i had to register just to say that when i saw coach bags and wallets at my local target (huntington beach, ca)... my heart sank:sad: . i just can't help thinking how i'm going to react when someone says "hey cute bag, i saw that at target the other day"
  11. darn it, i forgot to check the bag section when i was at Target earlier tonight.
  12. That is sooo weird, so are they last season bags or what??
  13. Has anybody seen Coach at a DC area Target store?
  14. I forgot too, I'm going to check my Super Target tonight.

    I don't think it downplays the name to sell Coach at Target. I wear Target clothes ALL THE TIME for work and have no problem saying so. What difference is it if someone buys thier bag at regular Coach, the outlet, Macy's on sale, ebay .... Coach is Coach. Many people do not only buy their stuff from the regular store (I only do if I have a coupon). I'm just one of those people who rarely pays full price for anything, whether it be a $20 Target shirt or a $1000 LV bag. I just look at this as another option. When people buy bags on ebay, we don't look down on them, so why is Target any different?
  15. I agree completely. However, if Coach were available at WalMart, that's where I would have to draw the line. I'm good with Target, I love Target, but IMHO WalMart is something else entirely.