Coach at Target stores?

  1. I apologize if this has already been covered, but I was trying to find more info about this. I read a few days ago that Target stores in select markets will be carrying Coach bags as a trial program. I know the military retail stores have carried Coach bags for at least 15 years, selling a small selection of styles at 20% or so off the MSRP.

    Does anyone have more information about this market test program?
  2. I'd be curious to know where you read that....

    Based on the fact that even the lower end department stores do not carry coach...I have a hard time imagining that Target is going to....

    That said, I have a new target opening soon that is said to be a "test" type of store....but the article I read about that refered to the grocery portion of it. Its not a "greatland" or "super" target....but its suppposed to have a full grocery store MINUS produce department. I'll certainly let you know if it also has coach when I go the first time.
  3. I read it on a clothing board. Another member posted that she saw a Coach bag at Target a few days ago, and she updated today that there was a story on her local news broadcast about it. According to the story, 80 stores across the US, with 9 on the stores being in Michigan, will carry Coach bags. Stores listed include those in Brighton, Canton, and Auburn Hills.

    Ah, and the stores will also carry Dooney, as well as other designer labels.
  4. Woah, Seti! Those are all stores by me. That is soooo weird!

    I know my Target carries high end jeans right now- Antik and Joes jeans and I think thats super weird!
  5. Cool!!! I wonder if Coach will come to my Target.........
  6. Sprinkles...are the jeans part of the "normal" product...or art of the special designer stuff they are rotating the designers in and out every month or so?
  7. Sprinkles, that is weird! If you see any at your stores, can you post more info?

    I think it's more of a revitalization of Target than a diluting of Coach. Coach has been available at a discount via Coach outlet stores, TJMaxx and Ross, military retail stores and eBay for years. I haven't seen that reduce demand or price (unfortunately :P ) for Coach bags, just makes buying more convenient. I personally would like more info as to what styles will be available, how often the styles will change out. Will it be competition for the outlet stores or for the regular Coach store?
  8. probably outlet stores if they sell it at a discount (no way it would be a new style because that just doesn't make sense) but maybe full price if it isn't.

    the thing i've learned about having other stores sell coach products is that they never sell out as quick as it does in a coach store unless it's on clearance or considerablely marked down.

    i work in a mall where there is a Nordstrom that sells coach bags too, and we always sell out of certain styles before they do.

    however! a coach bag is a coach bag :smile: and in the end the company makes money either way.
  9. I occasionally see a Coach bag at TJ Maxx. Most recently I saw a twill field bag for $199.
  10. I'll have to ask my Aunt who works at Target, in Vegas, to see if they will be receiving any Coach bags there.
  11. I saw those at mine this weekend too! I know they're not from the rotating lines, but I don't know enough about the jeans to know if they're any different. :shrugs:

    Target is the place I probably shop the most, so if saves me a trip to Coach :nuts: :angel:
  12. There is a thread on the Handbags and Purses board here that has a pic of the Dooneys already in Target.

    I see nothing wrong with. I will still frequent Coach (love my SAs there) and I am at Target frequently. It wouldn't suprise me in the least...some of the styles might be exclusive only to Target.

    Oh and here is a great blog with all love for Target: Slave To Target
  13. Ladies, before you purchase a Coach at Target, make sure Target is an authorized dealer.
  14. Well, i have about 4 target stores near me so i hope at least 1 carries Coach! That would be so great.
  15. Normal product! They retail 79.99 - 179.99 and right now 30% off, it is soooo weird.