Coach at Marshalls..

  1. I just got this Coach bag for my mom (early mother's day gift!) at Marshalls for only $99!
    It had the original tag that said $238.
    Now, I'm not very Coach savvy as I am usually a Marc Jacobs fan but I think I remember seeing this type of bag a year or so ago?
    Does anyone know when it was new?
    I just thought it was too cute to pass up and at a great price!


  2. It is very cute! Lucky Mom!
  3. I WENT TO MARSHALLS TODAY TOO! They had nothing at my store. They didn't even had the perfume I wanted AND i bought the wrong size swimsuit! dangit. haha. Im glad you had better luck at your store dear.
  4. That's a great deal!
  5. That bag is so cute and perfect for summer!
  6. your mom will love it!! the bag POPS!
  7. Great bag and gift for mom's day. I don't remember what the price was originally on the poppy demis.
  8. I LOVE the poppy!
  9. What perfume were you looking for?
    The marshall's I went to had 3 coach bags..a lot of Dooney and Bourke...those bags made out of fabric (Vera Bradley maybe?), a few Michael Kors bags...etc.
    So they had a pretty decent selection..l had to dig around a little!
  10. Cute bag!!
  11. This is my favorite line, I have the sig demi just like it. You got a great deal. This line was out last year in the early spring.
  12. They had this one, maybe a signature wristlet & some straw bag at TJ Maxx, but none at my marshall's. I was surprised to see it there. They also had D & B.
  13. wow 99 dollars!!!! WHERE?? WHICH MARSHALS!!! I NEED ONE!!
  14. 99 is a great deal and the purse is totally cute. My Marshalls has crap (as far as Coach goes) - glad you could find something for mom!! She'll love it!
  15. I'm in Columbus, Ohio and it was the Marshall's by my house...usually they don't have a very good selection but today they did!
    My friend works there and says you have to go in right when they get a good shipment because all the good stuff leaves the store soon after.
    The other two coach bags were cute..and i was tempted to buy one...except they were too small for my liking.