Coach at Macy's

  1. OK-I understand the letter charms are on sale at Macy's now-and they have the scarves I like too.

    Anyway-I am sure the answer to this is no-but, if I called the Coach department at the local Macy's store-could I order what I want over the phone? There is a Macy's in downtown Brooklyn, but I just can't get to it this week.(I have been trying to call the Coach department at this Macy's for the last half hour, but they are not picking up the phone-grr!)

    I am willing to call an out of state Macy's if anyone knows one that will ship to me-thanks
  2. I finally got through to them-the 2 stores in Brooklyn do not carry the letter charms or scarves-believe it or not-they suggested I call the big 34th Street store-thanks.

    Never mind-I have spent enough money recently!
  3. Aw, sorry to hear that Nishi! I'm sure you'll find what you want in due time.

    Plus, do stores even take sale item orders over the phone. . .?
  4. Well-the macy's in downtown Brooklyn said they would take an order over the phone and ship it to me as long as it was an in stock item and she seemed to think that they Herald Square Macy's (the 34th Street one) would too
  5. Very cool! Do you know if outlets take phone orders? LOL That would make things so much easier.
  6. Macy's is awesome. Yes, they will ship anything as long as it is in stock. And if you have a Macy's Black card, you get like 12 free shippings within your own state. Cool for presents!

    I love the perks of Macy's.

    Nordy's is a little more willing to find the item for you at their other shops. I don't have a Nordy's card but I am sure they have great perks too!

    happy shopping!
  7. abandonedimages

    outlets are not supposed to take orders over the phone but some of them do esp. if you are spending alot of money
  8. Well, now-Macy's Herald Square just told me that i have to call Macy's Direct to place a phone order-I cannot handle the incompetence of people today-grr. But, she swore that I could order any Coach item that Macy's carries through Macy's Direct-off to give that a try now.

    Well-as expected-I called Macy's Direct and they told me they can only take orders for things on their website-which Coach isn't. But, she like the woman at thew Brooklyn store said that the store should take the order directly from me and ship to me-calling the store again now.
  9. OK-I have tried calling the 34th Street Macy's back 3 times and now no one is answering!

    If anyone is going to Macy's this week-please PM me. I am sooo frustrated now!