Coach at DSW she wearhouse

  1. Sorry if this is a duplicate post(or old news), but I was at DSW the other night on a whim, I saw the Missoni scarves, as wells as the Moschino scarves, then I saw the Coach shoes! Granted I have not been to DSW in a while, but they had a lot of Coach and they had just come in, all sizes were there and nothing had been opened. Just an FYI, because this was a new development for me:smile:.
  2. Thanks for the tip! I must check it out =)
  3. I always see Coach shoes at DSW. My location is the one in Marina Del Rey, CA. They also have Marc by Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Giuseppe Zanotti, Elie Tahari... not a bad selection.
  4. DSW is so random. They randomly get good stuff in. Apparently some DSW's also carry designer purses. The employee at the DSW close to me told me that when DSW initially opened (before they had a good market analysis?) they carried Coach and other high(er) end purses.
    I have seen Ugg, Via Spiga, Coach, ect. there.
  5. I have seen Prada and Fendi bags at one of the DSW near me a while ago, but nothing recently. Although that store always carried some pretty high-end shoes, including a pair of Christian Lacroix that I purchased. For anyone in the Dallas area, it's the one near Northwest Highway and Preston.
  6. ^^^ It's funny...some have really good stuff consistently, and others never do...just depends on the location.
  7. Wow...who knew. Gotta go check it out!
  8. I was there last night trying to find some Missoni scarves, they had none. But they did have a pair of Coach sandle for $30!!!! Too bad it wasn't in my size. It was 6 1/2. They had a lot of designer shoes; Cheap and Chic (?), Marc Jacobs at 70% -80% off. I'm soooo broke after finding this forum. My husband may ban me from going on line.:p
  9. Just ran out to DSW, got 2 Missoni scarves..$17.00 and change, Moschino.. 11.00 and change...