Coach at Discount Pricing - Military Bases

  1. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before or not, but if you have access to a Military Base you can get some great prices on Coach products. DH is retired Navy and I go up to Travis AFB a couple times a year - was up there recently and they have really expanded their Coach section - they had a ton of bags and accessories (key fobs, wallets, etc.) and they now even have shoes and the prices are great and there's no tax! Definately worth it if you have a military ID or a friend who does.
  2. I know!! I was so sad when I turned 23... No more military medical, dental, commissary, BX!! Ack!! I could always ask my dad or my best friend to take me on base, but I'm lazy. It was so much easier just being able to go myself! *lol*
  3. yeah, i have been there several times when i was living my autie. great deals on kinda new stuff and no tax
  4. just wondering, how much are bags discounted there?
  5. It depends on the bag - I was just at Travis AFB and bought a wallet - their stock will range from the brand new to a bit older - I got a holiday patchwork wallet and it was $38 less than retail plus no tax - about 20%. They had those huge Chelsea hobos for $160 less. The keyfobs are usually at least $10 less plus there's no tax. Plus they will mark things down - they had about 10 bags on clearance that I saw. They have an entire Coach boutique at Travis now so have a decent selection. You need to know what you're looking for though because my experience has been that the SA's there know nothing about Coach and they aren't very customer focused at all.
  6. Interesting.... my BF works as a contractor/civilian at Travis but of course doesn't have access to the PX. His mother on the other hand does but she only prequents the PX a few times a year.

    Suzee, do you recall what price range the Coach shoes were marked at? Just wondering if they've been marked down to 50% - 60% off the retail price at the PX.
  7. i may have to check this out tomorrow. i haven't been in the px in TWO years..OMG.
  8. Military base prices are usually marked 20% off the items retail price. Sometimes they have items on clearance like a extra **% off the already discounted price. Although I noticed the shoes at the Marine base were cheaper then the other bases, the katelyns were 79.99.
  9. Yeah, the SA's at the exchanges are just that, exchange SA's. Usually the only time you'll find someone there who is knowledgeable about Coach are the vendors that work there, but they're not there all the time.

    My brother works at our NEX now and is working for the fragrance vendors. He's hoping to get to work for the Coach vendors (since he used to work at Coach before anyway) eventually.
  10. The MCX has the best sales!! The NEX is second with great sale prices and the BX/PX's follow behind the other two unfortunately.
  11. Oh, I love shopping at the Exchange!! So worth others have said its an automatic 19% off and then they offer at random times and additional 20% off!! Hard to pass up. I went in one day and was looking and the lady told me to come back on a certain date for the unadvertised 20% off sale...and it was good for EVERYTHING COACH, Yummy!!

    Also, I know for the Navy Exchange you can sign up to get there circular in the mail and on occasion I have received coupons for additional money off ($20) a fifty dollar or more purchase! And it is good on COACH & if you can- look into it!
  12. I just glanced at the shoes - they don't fit me very well so I rarely buy them, but when I was there before Xmas they had a huge selection - several ballet styles, boots, pumps, but yesterday, they were down to about 5-6 styles - there was one boot style left - the one that has the striped wool top - no ballet slippers left at all. If I remember correctly the prices were at least 20% off and I think maybe more, but not 50% unless they end up on the clearance rack and I didn't see any Coach there.
  13. Another tip - if you know anyone at an international base, have them check the bag selection. I was in Italy in May and the BX outside Naples had Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, tons of Basia - at very good prices - their sales can go down to 75% off sometimes. They often get great European designer merch in on a one-time deal as well. My friend just got me a Gambini bag that sells for $800 for $200! Shipping is the same as US prices too because she ships from the base and it's like being in the US.
  14. Thanks for your reply, Suzzeee. It looks like the better buy is at the Coach retail store for the shoes, especially the ballet flats. I managed to purchase quite a few pair at my local Coach for 50% - 60% off the retail price. For example, the Katelyn sneakers came out to only $36.75 after last month's PCE discount.
  15. Yeah the shoes are pretty cheap at the coach boutiques sometimes and better prices than the military exchanges. It's usually discounted when they have new shoes coming out and they want the shoes they got in the store to sell out quicker. It's not like the bags and accessories they send it to the outlets if they got new things coming in, but shoes are not sent to outlets. These info are from a SA from a local store around me.

    Oh and I agree on one of the posters on here about the MCX have better selections than the rest and second is NEX. I'm soo grateful I'm by both. When I went into the exchange in vegas they had barely anything. Oh well...