Coach at Costco!?!?!?!

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  1. I googled "Coach Hamptons" because I wanted to see all the styles (2006) and Coach came up at Costco.

    ... is this serious? Because if it is... I don't know. Haha. I'm just surprised.
  2. Yea, it is. I've seen some at Costco B+M too
  3. Yes it's true. They have many signature bags. Its not a great discount. There was an optic small chelsa regular price was $198 they had it for $168.
  4. Costco states they are not an authorized dealer of Coach merchandise.
  5. that's odd. very odd. not an auth dealer?:confused1:
  6. yes there is coach at costco at my costco they also have fendi but no one gets them i think they know they can get them in a place where they are ment to be sold. at a holt renfrew. ect.:smile:
  7. Exactly. I just thought it was soooo odd. I don't even shop at Costco so I was like pretty coach items at places you can get sour cream? So very odd.
  8. They do carry the real deal.
  9. My local Sam's Club carries Coach, Fendi, and Prada. There are about two bags of each brand. They also sell Dior sunglasses. I don't think I'd ever buy from there... I feel safer buying from and Coach boutiques.
  10. they are always locked up and on display quite nicely in glass cases that I've seen

  11. Sam clubs was sued for selling FAKE :yucky: fendi. I wouldn't buy anything from there.
  12. Interesting the lenght suppliers will go to bring their product to the masses!
  13. I recently saw a couple of Coach and kate spade bags at Costco. They weren't cheap but they weren't even close to retail, and they were just lying about on a table with other miscellaneous things. ITA, I would never buy a "designer" bag from Costco, esp. if they aren't authorised to sell them.
  14. It's what Costco says on their web site.
  15. :yes: Our local Costco carries quite a few styles (all sig right now). They just opened two weeks ago and even have an LV bag (behind glass). I was shocked to see that!!