Coach "assignment" for DH

  1. So I was in the mall yesterday waiting for Bertuccis pizza and the Coach store is close by so decided to take DH there and on the way there I told him I had an assignment for him. I wanted him to look around the entire store and tell me which bag he liked the best. So I went and tried on a large sig duffle khaki/coal, it is nice but I already have a sig duffle so I would want something different but anyway we went over to where the signature Carly's are and I tried one on for the 100th time and I am contemplating the lg chocolate or lg khaki/ebony. So when we left, I asked if he picked one and he said defintiely the Large black signature Carly. I love this bag but already have a large bag in black signature so would want something different, plus I have too many black bags. I wasn't surprised since he always wears black and seems to have a preference for that color. Normally he really doesn't care about bags but he seemed really sure that he liked this one the best. Does anyone else have a DH or SO with a Coach preference either way like do they think a particular style is really cute or not so cute, a favorite one of your bags etc. I am sure there are a lot of past threads on this.
  2. My husband has absolutely no clue whatsoever when it comes to things like that. I ask his opinion on something and he says "Im a boy - we dont know about stuff like that!" But he does buy my Coach for me with no complaint, so I guess I'm lucky in that sense.
  3. Tha's the bag my DH bought me for Christmas!
    I have alot of dark/black bags because I'm death on them.
    I wore it today as I was shopping and it looked soooooo good. :heart:

    He bought me a Hampton mosiac hobo at the outlet in November for our anniversary.
    I wore it twice before I got a ink stain on it. Can't wear white or beige. :sad:
  4. My hubby is completely clueless! I could hold up two bags in front of his face and ask which one he likes better and he always says "I dunno". LOL...thank goodness for Coach gift cards. Thats usually what he gives me! :yes:
  5. My hubby loves the style of the Ali!!! That is probably why he bought me THREE of them!!! He doesnt care for the signature line at all, but when he does buy me signature bags they are usually brown! He prefers leather, though!
  6. A few weeks ago DH went with me to Coach and I wanted his input. I went straight to the bag I had been signature stripe tote...he hated it! I didn't see anything else that I wanted, so I ended up buying it anyway because it was comfy to carry.
    We leave the store and he proceeds to tell me "you know, Louis Vuittons look alot better":nuts: That's all I needed to hear...I came home and proceeded to order 2 LV's, an LV wallet and a keyholder.
    Somehow I think that will be the last time he says something like
  7. Since my bf pays for a lot of my coach stuff i always try to find a compromise or at least ask him which styles he likes. I have found that we have similar tastes and will be completely honest if he thinks something is ugly. He seems to like the carly so that makes me happy!

    We try to compromise... actually this weekend he got a coach wallet at the outlet (his old one was a gift from like 3 bdays ago but it needed to be changed) and i joked with him becuase after going into a store I love we went to watch a UFC fight (which he loves!):idea: I have found that as long as i compromise a little he will buy me anything
  8. Wow !
  9. HOW COOL is that!!!!??? :yes:
  10. My dhs prefrence is for khaki signature, not really sure why but thats what he likes best. I try to always ask his opinion but he never likes to give it, I think mostly because hed rather me not spend the money at all.
  11. When I ask my hubby about bags he always says:
    "Honey you know I don't know about these things"
  12. haha.. I took my DF with me to see what he'd pick out for me - he knows my tastes thank goodness. He could care less though, really.
  13. My dh is supportive and generous when it comes to my love of handbags but he generally doesn't have a strong opinion when it comes to which bag I buy. He did purchase my Mirandas. The first one was purchased at the prompting of a SA and the second was purchased because he overheard me saying how much I would love it in another color. I think he also likes the very structured style of that bag. He thinks all my black shoulder bags look alike. LOL
  14. My husband is totally clueless as well. I could hold up two purses and ask which one he likes better and his answer would be, I don't know they look the same to me! He
  15. My boyfriend will go for anything signature lol.He has good taste he got me the signature heritage small bag for christmas.