Coach / Asian Market

  1. I know Coach is proud to be a part of American fashion, as opposed to a lot of other designer bags which are Italian and French...

    so then why do they give the Asia market so much stuff first? Does anyone know?

    It seems so unfair.

    Is it just a marketing tactic or shipping cost issue?
  2. It all has to do with marketing. Coach is very popular in Asia, Japan especially. Also, some bags seem to do well/better in the Asian market...cross body bags come to mind here. You also have to remember, that we are in a small minority here on tPF...most Coach customers are not as well connected as we are here, and don't obsess like we do here.
  3. How can you order a bag from Asia?
  4. I just think we should the the option of also getting what they are getting. Makes me want to go to japan in search for the purple carly and the very LE peony flower scarf.
  5. Coach is much more expensive in Asia than in the US, they can make more through the Asian markets.
  6. People of Asia are the number 1 demographic that buy the most luxury goods in the world and Asian women are the number one consumers of luxury goods in and outside of the US. In Asia it is all about high prices equal luxury and brand recognition is very important there so they are willing to pay high prices for these things.
  7. Very true :yes:
  8. it's really very expensive in asia. i paid like us$700 for my legacy shoulder bag in singapore in 2006 when the retail on was us$398 :push:. how i wish we have outlets here .. i will go crazy buying lol :nuts:.
  9. apparently hawaii and japan especially are the hugest markets for Coach, along with LV and other designer brand names. so a lot of limited edition bags are launched exclusively at those two locations. it makes me so jealous sometimes, because a lot of the bags are gorgeous!
  10. Asians don't usually get the nicer stuff you see on We sometimes have to rely on friends /relatives going to U.S to get them. The designs brought in are very,very limited and not forgetting more expensive! :sad:
  11. I am just jealous b/c I see about 5 things on the Japan site right now that aren't on ours yet!!

    Maybe it's just my taste...for all I know other US customers might hate these items...but I want em :p
  12. ^^
    I think you can just write down the style # and call Coach CS and order it.
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head :yes:
  14. Sorry to revive this ancient thread but I'm new here and can't post a new thread yet. I'm trying to do a little market research as I'm fully aware of the forums wealth of knowledge about all things purses. Today while standing in line at the post office I noticed a Asian woman with about 15 boxes all with Coach labels on them, I suspect she was sending them overseas, although she could've been sending them any where. Is Coach really big right now in Asia? If not what are the best selling brands/bags in Asia right now? Do they not have access to on-line retailer's like we do in the States?
  15. Well, if you go to the Woodbury Commons outlet, you will see MANY Asians buying Coach in mass quantities. Sometimes the men seem to know what they want more than the women do. The ones I'm speaking of appear to be tourists as their English is quite limited. I wonder if the fact that it's SOOO much more expensive overseas makes it more desirable, as we all seem to want what we stretch our budgets to afford.

    I REALLY hope this doesn't come across as racist as I am not in any way, shape or form meaning it that way. (Half of my first cousins are Asian - okay, they're HALF Asian, half Jewish, but trust me, their good looks come from the Asian half, LOL) I'd make the same observation if I saw huge groups of people speaking Russian, Polish, Urdu or Martian.