Coach as prozac.

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  1. My boyfriend (of nearly four years) and I split up five weeks ago tomorrow. I am so not dealing with this well. Instead of coping, I've put all of my energy into other things, and now I'm a complete trainwreck with a pile of purchases -- but the bags don't quite keep me warm at night. Since the breakup I've bought:
    -pink chevron hobo
    -medium scribble tote & mini skinny
    -studded gold gallery tote
    -tattersall demi & mini skinny
    -magenta capacity wristlet
    -pink gradient scarf
    -various fobs/charms
    I don't even know if that covers it. Not to mention two new Diane von Furstenberg dresses, Juicy pj's & robe, two Juicy dresses, Prada heels that don't match a single thing I own, and a mess of other things.

    Shopping did NOT make me feel ANY better. Maybe for a little while, but I'm lonely as all heck and have nowhere to go to wear all the new stuff.

    Any Colorado Coachies want to do lunch? :s
  2. I hope life brings someone special your way, soon...
  3. aw i'm sry to hear that, thats a hard thing to go through :sad:
  4. i don't live in colorado, but i'm here if you need to talk :s we're all here and the girls here are very sweet and supportive
  5. {{{{HUGS}}}} to you!
  6. Aw I'm so sorry! If I lived in CO I'd totally go to lunch with you. When me and my bf broke up I joined a gym. I put all my energy into it and I felt really good about myself. Plus there's always hot guys to check out! Well if you need anything, let me know! Again I'm so sorry! :hugs:
  7. Oh honey! I am so sorry for you! I wish I lived in CO! I would love to go out with you! If you need anyone to talk to feel free to PM me. I just wish I could jump through the computer screen and give you a big hug!
  8. Oh :hugs:

    I wish I was in CO to take you to lunch.
    I find retail therapy usually very soothing, but be sure to keep all the tags on in case you change your mind. Often I find my retail therapy is rash and so I make sure I like it before I am forced to keep it.
  9. I am so sorry!!!! I have been there too...only a month after I thought my world was over after catching my bf of 5 years cheating on me :mad:, I met the man who eventually became my husband. I thank God for leading me to the right person, even though it took such a painful event for it to happen. Everything truly happens for a reason, and I wish you nothing but the best as you deal with this sad time in your life.:hugs:

    And by the way, I use Coach as Prozac for any time I'm feeling bad...and then I go and pop a Prozac as well...:okay:
  10. *HUGS* sweetheart I'm so sorry and feel for you. If I was in CO we would deff do lunch. I'm a great listener if you wanna talk to someone. PM if your feeling like you wanna chat and I"ll give you my yahoo ID. Keep your head up sweetie it will get better.
  11. AWWWW Sam sweetie!!!! I'm sorry :sad: *hugggggggggggs* where in CO are you again? I can't remember if we're close or far! PM me if you don't want to post it on here...or wait is it in my PM already from earlier? Haha I'll have to go check! *hugs again* we're all here for you! And maybe we CAN do lunch!
  12. Sending positive, happy thoughts your way! I'm on the East Coast, but if I were in CO, I'd definitely be up for lunch! I think we've all been there! And keep the tags on your stuff-when you're feeling better you may end up returning.:hugs:
  13. I'm really sorry. I know it hurts right now, but it does get better with time and there IS someone out there who is meant to be for you. In the meantime, return a bunch of that stuff (Hey, at least it will give you something to do).

    When my BF that I were dating (Before my husband, obviously) for 5 years was caught red handed in our bed with another chic, I took off for a weekend getaway to clear my mind. It was one of the best things that i ever did. I had never attempted to travel on my own before and it was so much fun to just do everything that I wanted without having to worry about anyone else's agenda. Maybe you should try that - besides, you'll have a LOT of freed up cash if you return a bunch of that stuff:tup:.
  14. so sorry to hear this..there is no easy way out of this, but stay strong and u will gain ur strength and faith is just an avenue to let off some steam but it's not really a long-term kinda solution u knw..besides, it can be damaging on the pockets!

    take time off for yourself, spend some time rejuvenating (like a massage or a day trip spa) and u will feel loads better, i hope..
  15. So sorry to hear about that sweetie! It must be a really hard time for you, I can't even imagine what you must be going through. We're definitely here for you.

    Retail therapy is the best for short-term satisfaction. But after a while, it wears off. In my experience, I try to take up a new hobby or interest. I also write in a journal my thoughts, or take a class at the local community college, or exercise a lot. (Endorphins might help :P)