Coach As Designer Or Just A Brand

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Is Coach Designer wear?

  1. Yes, it totally is

    113 vote(s)
  2. *

    No, not really

    51 vote(s)
  3. Sort of (explain)

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  1. Although I am a total Coach fanatic, and that is all I have at the moment, I can understand that most of you do not veiw Coach as designer. But if it is not designer, then what is it? Do any of you concider it designer? How do you judge what is designer and what isn't (besides the price tag)?
    BTW...I am new here, but I am totally addicted! This place is great!
  2. I consider Coach "designer" just not as high-end as other designers. I guess it relates to exclusivity, price, and design. Coach bags are much more available to the consumer than various Chloe, LV, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo or Chanel bags so they are not as "exclusive." I also think the grade of leather and the design qualities of Coach bags are fantastic, but not quite as luxurious as some of the other designers.
  3. Im a Coach fan too... I personally feel they are designer bags. But it doesn't really matter what anyone calls it. I love the bags I have bought and I love the quality for the price. A handbag doesn't need a $1000+ pricetag to make it great:biggrin:

    Personally I cannot ever see myself spending over 900 on a bag. With Coach Brand, I can get many and they do last forever and they are a lot of fun. Fun colors but yet also more "professional" bags.

    The way I see it, Coach is an indulgance for me. Pricier bags is a irresponsibility for me (because I cant afford them). I am saving my pennies for the LV Damier Speedy though, but even that is under $1000.
  4. There are "designer" and "premier designer" handbags, according to :smile:
  5. Well lets see what 'designer' means:
    1. Bearing the name, signature, or identifying pattern of a specific designer: designer luggage; designer clothing.
    2. Conceived or created by a designer
    So of course Coach is a 'designer' brand, regardless of price, low/high end or leather quality.

    We all know theres a quality difference between say LV and coach, but that doesnt make one more of a 'designer' brand than the other. It does however, go to show that you shouldn't buy a product purely for the name because it may be a designer bag but not necessarily better quality than an average bag!!
  6. i think coach makes nice stuff, it's certainly quite durable and the design is quite accessible, but i won't be buying any more because i think they've gotten away from the heart of their brand - great quality and classic design at a semi-reasonable price. i'm not paying over $400 for a coach bag, and a lot of their nice stuff this season is going for like $800 - they're trying to play out of their league.
  7. I haven't bought anything from them since they shifted production over to China. The prices not only stayed high, they got even higher, and I don't even want to think of what their profit margin is now.

  8. Agreed.
  9. I really liked coach back in the day before they jumped on the monogram bandwagon. Now 90% of their merchandise has those "c's" all over them, which works for a lot of people, but not when you like things that are more understated. Plus, when it comes to anything that goes on my body, once the middle schoolers start carrying it (no offense to young members, but I'm almost 24), it's not for me. That turned me off of Dooney and Burke too.
  10. Everything has a designer(s), but I wouldn't label Coach as a "designer" handbag for the simple reason that they have a team of people creating the various lines, and we don't usually know who they are. It's all about COACH, not their own agenda. When I think of "designer" bags, what comes to mind are those that have their own line (Marc Jacobs), or a company that has hired someone to put their creative stamp on the brand (Chloe and Chanel for example).

    I don't think it really has anything to do with price because H&M can produce very cheap items, and they're definitely "designer" if you can get Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney to create things.
  11. Coach is sold at Marshalls, along with Dooney, along with Michael Kors. However, I do consider Coach to be designer. But like BTBF said, they're not 'premier'. The little girl in me will always love Coach.
  12. Coach has one man who designs their line. His name escapes me right now, but he was just featured in on the fashion mags. I consider Coach a designer. Not a couture designer, but more along the lines of ready-to-wear.

    The items shipped to the outlets like Marshalls are old stock. They don't burn the old stock like Vuitton does.
  13. I don't consider it designer. I consider it low-medium end brand name bags. I thought they were designer until a very fashionable person told me Coach is not designer, it's a brand. It's not about their price either. I consider Kate Spade, which is cheaper, designer.
  14. Coach is designer, but like everyone else said, they are lower end. I love Coach's accessories like sunnies, agendas, wallets, etc. I don't really like their bags very much, except for the Hamptons weekend nylon (which feels satiny, not the stiff crap they sell at the outlets). I wont spend over $250 for a Coach though.

    Dooney & Bourke turned me off when I saw kids half my age carrying them. Coach kind of does the same thing but I still use their accessories and my large Hamptons weekend tote as a diaper bag.

    I personally love the exclusiveness of LV and the other brands so I can justify the price on them. I can't on a Coach.
  15. just curious girls. I buy purses just because I really like purses. If they look good to me, I buy whether they are "designer" or not, expensive or affordable (but no fakes!). I know the consensus is that the more you pay, the better they are made but I have so many that they all get rotated so much that I've never had a purse fall apart on me, expensive or not. I guess I'm just wondering why this subject keeps coming up about who is a "designer" and who is not? Does it really matter to anyone? Everything is "designed" by someone. I think it's like calling just select people "artists" when everyone has the potential to create. I think the word "high-end" is probably more appropriate. (Since some little up and coming "designer" out there is just a few Liza Minelli cocktail parties away from becoming high-end!)
    Just a little early morning ramble after 3 cups o' coffee.:smile: