Coach: Are they becoming too common?

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  1. Everywhere I look, I see Coach handbags. Don't get me wrong: this brand is what started my handbag obsession, but what do you all think: are they becoming too common?
  2. In my opinion, if Coach is everywhere around, it means this is what people "choose" to buy. I see LV everywhere to and is that too common?
    I buy Coach for my own reasons, not because it's what everyone else is carrying..Coach has been my choice for a few years now and I don't see that changing, even if it is "common"!!
  3. It's a popular brand and has been for a long, long time. As for me, I only look in my own closet - I buy what I like and it doesn't matter to me if 5 people or 5 thousand have the same.
  4. It doesn't bother me. I don't often see the specific bags that I buy. I kind of like that a lot of people around me are enthusiastic about the brand.
  5. I find that whenever I buy something or decide to do something, I notice that other people are doing the same thing too. When DH and I bought our car, it's like everyone around us now own the same car. Similarly, once we decided to go to Belize this year, it's as if everyone started talking about their experience/future trip going to Belize.

    I don't think it has anything to do with Coach being "too common". You notice it because you know it's Coach. Just like I noticed our car on the roads more once we had the car, and I noticed people talking about Belize more because my ears perk up. I'm sure if you started carrying other brands, you'd notice it more and think that it's becoming too common as well. But the truth is, whenever you have a brand name, mass produced product, it will always be everywhere...otherwise, it would not be mass produced.
  6. Nice response :smile:
  7. Agreed about the enthusiasm. It just seemed like everywhere I looked, Coach bags were everywhere.
  8. Nicely said :biggrin:
  9. Nice response :biggrin:
  10. At least Coach has a nice variety of bags and styles so everyone can wear Coach and still be unique to their own style while wearing Coach! I don't like LV because its mostly that coated canvas with the same ugly pattern on it (IMO) and that's all I see! When I see people wearing Coach I see more individuality !
  11. It seems every few months or so, this question - or a version of it - is posted.

    To the OP - Do you consider Coach to be common? Is that why you are asking?
  12. You asked a question!! I answered honestly, whats the issue? :biggrin:
  13. ^^^^ This!
  14. +1
  15. Coach puts out a lot of bags each year in a lot of colors/styles. They are bound to be seen around town.
    I seldom see any of my leather bags though, unless I'm at the mall where I will see one sometimes. It doesn't bother me though.