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  1. I have seen reference to this in previous threads, but can some of you please share some directions as to accessing the Coach archives for pictures?

    I cannot seem to get to it and would so appreciate your help. Thanks.
  2. Not all the pictures are stored in the web archive, and so some versions of the site won't load correctly. Likewise, some versions of the site don't load at all, but redirect to a "no flash" page automatically.
    You can access the archived pages of the Coach web site at, search for That's really the only instruction you need, since no two versions of the site in the archive are exactly the same, so some may work well and others may not work at all. Most function somewhere in between.
  3. ^^ Yep, that's what I use. It's really trial and error as to which pages will work, but when it does, it's great!
  4. Wow, that looks cool, kezza. I'm very glad you pointed that site out.:yes:
  5. I :heart: the Wayback Machine! (lol)
  6. That website is cool! Thanks for posting the link!:yes:
  7. Just to let everyone know...the Coach archives have been updated. It has all the way to August 2006.
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