Coach Appreciation Week. Did you get one? When is it for your location?

  1. I am a little hurt, I have spent tons at Coach and I am embarassed to share how much..but its less than $100,000 yet I still can't get a card? I got one last time.
    If you got a card, where are you located? Is the week the same in the west as everywhere else?
    If you know these questions it would be great.
    My daughter is handing in her application to Coach..does anyone know how much their discount is?
    saved by grace,
  2. This isn't the normal PCE. That is supposed to still take place in December. This one if more for people who shop at the outlets or haven't shopped in the boutique in a while. At least, that's the way I understood it.
  3. Um, wow! I'm sure if you're spending that much you will get a December PCE card...
  4. Yep, this card is for people that only shop at Outlets or haven't shopped at Coach in a long time.. my mom got one, it starts this Saturday. So, don't despair, I am sure you will get the real PCE card in December!! :yes:
  5. The employee discount is about 65% off but they give you a limit to how much you can purchase with your discount. Plus, during the holiday if the store makes budget and other things, they up how many items you can use your discount on. Last holiday my mom couldn't even come close to purchasing all the items allowed.

    Good luck to your daughter! :tup:
  6. I did not get one but my friend who has never purchased from a Coach store (only from the Coach outlets) got one. We are located in Kentucky. The dates on her card are from 11/10/2007 to 11/18/2007. She had not made a Coach purchase in some time but then bought something at the Coach outlet in Tennessee back in September and got one. She is not going to use and I was wondering if anyone knows if I could just use it. She said her name is not on it but I wondered if that matters....if anyone knows it would be appreciated.
  7. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter, I don't think they can prove one wasn't sent to you but.
  8. I've never gotten an appreciation week...but then again if what Fieldinspring says is correct, I'm never getting one!!! I shop @ the outlet and/or boutique kinda frequently.
  9. I didn't get a card, but got a voicemail saying it is from 11/10-18 in the Coach full-price stores. They did say to bring my invite. Hope I get it today!:girlsigh:
  10. i got the last 4 and didn't use them, I'm probably off the list now or something. Does anyone know if you don't use them if they stop sending them to you? Just my luck, there's finally a bag that I like. Good luck, legacy boutique, I'm sure you'll get yours!
  11. I didn't get one and I haven't brought something at coach since june and nothing at the outlet since may.
  12. I just got one today!!:yahoo: I haven't shopped in the boutique for a few months ~ been going to the outlet, so I was really surprised to see mail from Coach today. Yay!!
  13. WOW... I have always wondered what the discount was. I need a friend who works there.
  14. My friend got one.

    We are in Michigan and it starts tomorrow.
  15. Got it today in the mail! Starts tomorrow and going to try to get there. Don't 'need' anything, but looking for RED! I don't know why I got one. I have 7 Coach, but only 2 from the actual full price store; 3 from Macy's; 2 from outlet.
    Do you all register your bag on I do.