Coach Apple Coinpurse?

  1. So my DD 2.5 years old has been walking around with the Apple Coinpurse that looks like an apple slice. Apparently, my wife bought it for her at the outlet sometime ago. I was told that it was cheap, meaning like $25 or less. Now I look on eBay and see them offered for like $90! Have I been duped by my wife and daughter? Have they conspired against me? Is this a really desirable item and my little one is on the path of addiction like my wife:yes:? Any info you all can share with me would be appreciated on this item. I won't go into the other little wristlets I have seen her lugging recently....
  2. My lips are sealed... :sneaky:
  3. Anything is possible. One an item sells out or becomes hot, the bidders set the price they are willing to pay! It may have cost $25 a while ago.
  4. So is the demand for this item enough to justify that asking price? Maybe daddy could teach her a little basic economics......
  5. They did hit outlets and they may have been $25 or less depending on which outlet and how long they were there. It's pretty easy to find wristlets and whatnot at a pretty low price.
  6. girls gotta keep their secrets sometimes! :graucho:

    but, seriously, the stuff on eBay is an inflated price...and probably nowhere NEAR what she really paid!
  7. Really, when they hit the outlets, they can be ~40% of retail price. If she is a good shopper, then she probably got a great deal!!
  8. Cool. All I know is she loves it. My little girl with her little Coach. I think I will go through the wristlets she's been hiding in her toys though....
  9. I believe their story. Recently they've gone up because it's spring and they're in demand.
  10. That is too funny.
    They did retail for $98.