Coach and your Pet ~*stolen from the LV forum :0)*~

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  1. I thought this was the cutest thread and I just happen to have a pic of my furbaby kickin' with my Coach. Please post pics of yours too!:heart: ;) :heart:
    Ebay Pics.jpg
  2. OMG, your boxer is so cute!!! We have a lot of good pet pics around here - our pets are a bunch of clowns! I'll try to get my pug to pose.....
  3. Great thread!!

    ranskimmie - OMG your boxer is ADORABLE!!!! :tender: That is such a great picture! :yes:
  4. I've got a pic somewhere of Fat Louie in one of my LV bags when he was a kitten. Now I gotta go find it--!!!
  5. Cute Boxer!! However, there's no way I'm letting my crazy 70lb 8 month old yellow lab anywhere near my bags :p She has managed to chew almost everything else in my house and I'd die if she touched a bag!
    Can't wait to see pics of other pets though!!
  6. I love your dog! But I'm with ktdid about mine - she's an over 50lb mutt who'se not huge on chewing, but STINKS and tends to ruin things with her claws (b/c she won't let us clip her . . . which reminds me, time to get her groomed and let someone else deal with both those issues!)
  7. That is the best picture ever. I love it!! :smile:
  8. Here is my baby Angelina in the coach tissue paper in the box my ergo came in :smile:

    and here are my babies carrying their own littl ergo purse hehe

    and even he will carry a pink purse! :smile:
  9. helpl!!! slush - :tender: :tender: :tender: I love your kitties!! They're so dang adorable!!
  10. Lemme see what I dig up. I don't let the puppies near my purses...
  11. ohhhh! you have a yellow lab! I love love love them!!! We just put our 14 year old yellow lab Molly to sleep last year. they are just the greatest dogs ever! She was a big girl too, about 100lbs. the best!
  12. Here's Fat Louie with my signature stripe tote.

    Somewhere, I have pics of him as a tiny kitten, curled up inside my Louis Vuitton bags. There's also a picture I'm including of him inside my Kenneth Cole suitcase. He's a dork but I love him!
    louiebag1.jpg louiebag2.jpg louiebag3.jpg fatlouiekennethcole.jpg
  13. My best friend has a yellow lab named Charlee that is the sweetest thing ever!! She's about 80 lbs...almost 2 years old. She always has a shoe or something in her mouth, I always try my best to keep my bags out of her reach.
  14. Aw, all the pets are so cute!
  15. [​IMG]