Coach and UPS Issues

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  1. After a recent store visit from corporate, we are trying to find out exactly how many people are having problems with UPS since we switched. We would like to know ANY complaints and issues you are experiencing with your Coach deliveries. I brought it to their attention and we are trying to come to a conclusion to fix the problem! I know there was another thread where y'all talked about the switch, but this one I would like y'all to express only problems you've had. If you can attach pictures of damaged boxes or damaged items due to their shipping please post. Also if you can post if the shipping is taking longer than the 5-7 day window. I will forward everything to corporate. It's just easier if it's all in one thread! :smile:

  2. I paid for a bag two days ago with expedited shipping, and it just shipped TODAY. I'm pretty POed.
  3. When it arrives can you post here so we know now long it ended up taking? And if its damaged or anything? Thanks!
  4. My "next day" shipping took three days too, but that's because it was just sitting in the warehouse, not the fault of UPS as far as I know.
  5. Can I complain about the fee increasing.......
  6. Anything you want to complain about is alright with me. I didn't even know it increased!
  7. I don't know if that is JAX or UPS fault there but I have noticed things sit s fe days before they ship out.
  8. I would think Coach corporate could send out a SHORT (2 question) followup survey to customers to collect the damage info (or simply have dissatisfied customers reply to a valid email address), and I would think UPS could run reports for corporate to track on-time deliveries.

    Also, not all damage is the fault of the carrier. Some damage occurs in the warehouse or because a bag is returned.
  9. I think my annoyance is that the tracking isn't updated timely anymore, its like the drivers / distribution centers are not scanning. I've had my stuff shipped to my store so I haven't seen the boxes to observe any damage.
  10. I know. I think they are wanting to make sure there is actually an issue before the go to the lengths of a survey. And I agree about the damage. I was more interested in the damage of boxes. If it comes all bent and squished or ripped. Ours have been arriving that way to the store and fed ex never came that way. It just makes it look like there is a lack of care on their part.
  11. Also, I'm not doing this on behalf of corporate, just to clarify to everyone. Just for my store because our area manager was curious and knows I'm a member of this forum.
  12. I want to complain about the processing time. That's not UPS fault, I get my packages the day after they ship so I'm fine with that, but the warehouse is taking an eternity processing orders!! I ordered a bag on sunday and it just shipped today!! I know I'll get it tomorrow because I'm close to Jax, but what if I lived in California or something like that? I wouldn't get it until like next friday, that's like 10 days!
  13. UPS doesn't scan the packages and update tracking until they arrive at the first UPS distribution center/hub for processing.
  14. I agree they are taking longer to process. Just something to keep in mind. Anything after Friday at 1pm on the east coast won't process till Monday. Even if it's overnight. Same thing during the week. Any order taken after 1pm won't go out till the next day. But it shouldn't take that long still. They say 5-7 business days. I over nighted a bag Tuesday morning and it won't get here till tonight. There are some things needing to be worked out.
  15. I agree with this! I ordered Sunday too and it is just now shipping out. I called to try and cancel the order because I got so mad. But they assured me my new bag is on its way. The processing time seems way too slow. Most places you order one day and it ships out the next.