Coach and SO/DHs....

  1. There are only 2 things on my list that I feel like I must have and I'll be done shopping for a while.

    Well last night, I won one of them the hamptons weeked tote (green) on eBay last night. That leaves one thing left on my list, the watermelon coin purse.

    So I was talking to the SO about it last night and I refreshed his memory on which one it was (I showed him a pic of GRABERG's avatar a few weeks back) and I was like speaking of which, she's the queen of eBay, do you know she only paid 40 bucks for that watermelon in a BIN on eBay?!

    After that, I continued to vent and tell him how if I could just find that coin purse he wouldn't have to worry about me bugging him with my Coach woes because I'd be done for a while.

    The SO paused for a second and said, "So you would stop being on the net hunting for bags all the time?"

    Me: "Yeah, pretty much."
    SO: "And you'll stop spending so much time deciding which bag to keep and what color is missing?"
    Me: "Yeah, I guess so."
    SO: "So where does she live?"
    Me: "Huh? Who?"
    SO: "Your friend, you know the one with the watermelon."
    Me: "Oh, I don't know. I never really pay attention to anyones location on tpf...WAIT, why?" "Did you just ask that question so you could take it?"
    SO: "Of course not. I'm not a thief. I'd take it and then I'd give her the 40 bucks she paid plus some extra cash for a new one."
    Me: "LOL, you are such a dork!"

    LOL! It was so funny. Just wanted to share with you ladies.

    Do you have any funny stories that you would want to share that involve your SO/DH and Coach? Can we use this as a thread for that? I think it'd be so fun to read everyone's responses.

    Just as a disclaimer, the SO was just joking, he was trying to be funny. Don't worry graberg your watermelon is fine ;)
  2. hehe good story, Im an RN and work super long hours and currently my fiance is working on the other coast so one night he left me a msg on my cell.. It said all the usual stuff, and the last thing was, Oh yeah, don't buy any purses online tonight, now that Im away I can't supervise you. I started laughing and realized that no one knew me better:smile:
  3. Hehe - my watermelon is safely tucked away! LOL, it's the smallest items that give us the most satisfaction sometimes.

    Perhaps you have more willpower, but once you are hooked at looking at Coach, there's ALWAYS something else that will catch your eye, particularly on Ebay.

    I think my DH has given up trying to tell me I have enough stuff. He just mutters and tells me I need an intervention from time to time. He did "catch" me going to the boutique with my gf for PCE. That evening when we were talking about what my friend got, he said "I notice you still haven't told me what you got" to which I replied "No, I haven't." :nogood:
  4. EVERY single bag I look at or buy-
    My DH asks, "Is that a Coach?"
  5. My DH is like that too. He tries hard to get me what my heart desires. I seriously think he enjoys the hunt as much as I do, if not more.
  6. My DH doesn't have to ask...I've been carrying them long enough that he recognizes them!:p
  7. Me: "Check it out, honey, I got the matching accessories for my Crimson Signature Stripe tote! See, this is a wristlet, and this is a beauty case."
    Him: "Uh huh."
    Me: "What? They're beautiful aren't they?"
    Him: "and what's the point again?"
    Me: "This way I can put my little loose things in them and my makeup and cards and such and I won't be digging through a rat's nest in the bottom of my bag!"
    Him: "So it's bags that go inside bags."
    Me: "I guess?"
    Him: "I'd love to shake the hand of the man who came up with that idea. He's an effing genius. Must be making a mint of money. Wow."


    Even better yet, he now recognizes Coach bags if they have the C's on them, and every time he sees one he says "hey, is that fake?" usually obnoxiously loud.
  8. My husband says he is almost jealous of coach and calls it purse porn!! :graucho: The funny thing is, we will be out and he will say things like.. there's an ali, etc.. or the other night he went to the hospital for a neighbor w/o me, comes back and says "the mom had a leather carly with brown leather, the medium size" I said.. was it the cream leather? he says.. I am not sure, but I recognize it in a line up!! He cracks me up!! I have taught him oh so well.... :yes:
  9. My husband calls my closet Coach Porn Heaven. :roflmfao:

    He also doesn't get my obsession. Although-- he has his that I don't understand--- so we have agreed to not bother each other with our weird obsessive hobbies. It works. :yes:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. Fortunately DH supports my habit. He is fairly knowledgeable of designers and will point bags out when we go places. And yesterday actually said to me that he doesnt see what the big deal is why not buy them since I can sell them on ebay if I change my mind or when Im done :wlae:
  12. This is a great thread! It's cracking me up.

    The other day I bought some bags during PCE, came home, and put them in the closet. A little while later while I was on the computer, my husband says "So aren't you supposed to be prancing around the apartment taking pictures of yourself with your new purses?". Haha, he knows me too well.

    (speaking of which, I got a black leather Ali, black leather Legacy shoulder zip, and a turquoise Ergo tote! :yahoo: No pics yet, though).
  13. omg i laughed at sarah s the most! that sounds like something my SO would say!!
  14. My SO got me my first Coach (after much hinting and picking out of exact styles by me) and now wonders why I'm obsessed! He is a trooper...takes me to the outlet when we visit his parents...sits in the chairs there and just shakes his head. I'm trying to convince him that paying $100 for a purse that was originally $218 is a deal!! :yes:

    Also, I was looking at wristlets and mentioned getting them for my bridesmaids for our wedding. He freaked out at first then agreed when he saw that they only cost $30-some. :smile:

    BUT, he says I can't buy or get any more until at least next year! :sad:
  15. My SO never really said anything about my bags until one night when we were out eating. My mini sig black and white demi was on the table, and he looked at and asked what that pattern was supposed to be. He said it looked like "heads, boobs and shoes." (look at pattern and see what I mean) I could barely keep a straight face to show him how it was the Coach "c." I can't look at that bag without laughing now.