Coach and Shipping

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  1. Is anyone else annoyed you have to pay $10 to order a bag from the stores and have it shipped? The outlet I don't mind as much because the bags are being sold at such a discount but I don't feel like I should be paying $10 to ship a $500 bag. I usually end up shopping in the store and if they don't have what I want, since my husband is always with me, it's easier to order in the store with his credit card than ask him for it at home. It's also easier to impulse buy that way. 😄

  2. I've had to pay the $10 for a Charge Send but, as you said, it didn't bother me much since it was an outlet item and I was already getting a deal with a FP bag on clearance.

    Have you ever asked them to waive the $10? I would if I were paying that much.
  3. Nope. What's another $10 for a $500 purchase? (Is what I ask myself personally)
    One of my stores waives the shipping fee. The other charges me and I don't really mind.
  4. On coach's website orders over $150 get free shipping also on their FOS website so why shouldnt that apply to store orders, I'd def make that point.
  5. I refuse to pay for shipping unless I'm absolutely sure I want to keep it. My FP store does not charge me for shipping except for shoe sale items. If they did, I would order online and get free shipping. (My FP purchases are usually over $150.)

    I have spent too much money on shipping and returns for online sales where I was left with nothing. I would prefer paying more for the product, and getting a full refund and free return if I don't keep the item.

    This is one reason why I will be doing less online buying this year.

  6. Ditto!
  7. I have never had to pay shipping when ordering from the full price store for a bag sold in full price boutiques even during PCE
  8. Every time I've bought in the fp store, I've never paid shipping (all orders have been over $150 though). If they would tell me I had to pay the shipping, I would say that I would just order it online to get the free shipping, I'm sure most stores would waive the shipping to get the sale.

    I have no problem paying the shipping for outlet charge sends (or even when I got my borough with 25% off, I was ready to pay the shipping but they offered to waive it), but usually I ask if they will waive the shipping... it never hurts to ask. I'm pretty sure every time I've asked, they have said yes.

    It wouldn't be a complete deal breaker for me, but if I could save the money by ordering online, that's probably what I would do, unless I was at the store already and just didn't want to deal with it anymore!
  9. If I order from an SA in the store, they always waive the shipping fee, even if I don't reach the $150 minimum. Why would you have to pay shipping on a $500 purchase, since the free shipping on a $150 order is company-wide policy? Have you complained at the store? I would call them and ask them to refund it.

    The outlet always charges $10.
  10. This is only my second time ordering in a FP store. The first item was online only but the larger in store version didn't work for me so they ordered it in store and automatically waived the fee.

    This weekend I ordered a new Highlife Borough in store and when looking at my receipt last night I noticed they charged me $10 for shipping which is annoying. They didn't even mention it and since my husband paid I didn't notice until now. Definitely going to ask for a refund.
  11. Are you all referring to shipping to your home or to the FP store? And, can you even have it shipped to the FP store for pick-up?

  12. Me neither.
  13. I don't pay shipping whether they send it to my house or the store, they've still never charged me.
  14. Yes you can have it shipped to the store. One time I was on vacation when I ordered something at a store. The SA had it shipped from JAX to the store, then sent it to my home once I was back from vacation, all for free.
  15. I just called JAX to get the tracking number and the SA said she wasn't sure if it was customary to charge for shipping when ordering from a store but she refunded me the $10.