Coach and Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Commercial

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  1. Was I halliucinating or did they just show a Coach store on the commercial for the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas? I swear I saw a chain link bag. Do they normally have Coach stores on cruises? I might need to take a trip...
  2. i heard one of the boats had a coach store, but it wasnt well stocked or something
  3. Wow!! I would imagine it would be well stocked for the first few hours until people realized the store was there and then it'd be picked over like an outlet of black friday.
  4. hmmm gonna have to keep my eyes out for this commercial
  5. I'm very curious about this... I wonder if its any good... might be worth considering next time my SO wants to go on a Cruise...
  6. I believe there is a Coach store on the ship...and I think someone posted pictures from their trip...
  7. Yeah I saw that too.
  8. That's just tooo much! LOL! What fun would it be to flaunt your goods to other passengers when they could run downstairs and nab one of their own? :roflmfao: That could be a dangerous (meaning PRICEY) game!
  9. I saw it too. The stores on cruise ships are very small so I doubt they have a lot of bags.