Coach and LV - Can you love both??

  1. I adore Coach (obviously LOL!) and lately I've really started getting attracted to LV as well. I just have a few pieces.. and now I find myself wanting more (uh oh).

    Obviously there's a HUGE price difference between LV and Coach, but I don't think I noticed an enormous difference quality wise (maybe I'm just not trained to appreciate the differences yet). I didn't pick up the LV and think "Oh yeah this is what a real handbag should be like.. I'm never going back to anything else." I still love Coach just as much (maybe even more)! I know some of the ladies on the LV subforum will take a poke at Coach/D&B at every opportunity they get and consider them to not even be "designer bags".. so is it weird to have gotten LV pieces and be like "oh these are nice, but so are all my Coach purses"?

    Does anyone else love both brands equally? Or do you love one more than the other?
  2. Absolutely. I love LV, Chanel, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Coach equally. I can't choose between them.
  3. Not yet having an LV YET, I couldn't honestly say, but I think if you LOVE them that's all that matters!

    I love all my Coach, and even my DB's (I still have my first one I got in the late 80's and it's held up beutifully.) and I am sure I will love my LV when I get it.

    So, in short, YES!
  4. Elongreach, you definitely have a VERY fabulous collection of bags so I admit I was surprised (in a good way!) when I found out you liked Coach too! A lot of ladies who are into LV, Chanel, etc usually don't even give Coach the time of day.
  5. Thanks for the complement. :smile: Girl, my style is so over the place I have to love everything. I have a big heart, so I have room for everyone in it.:lol:
  6. I Love them both! I only have one LV, it is super classic vintage (23 yr old Speedy) and then I have about 6 Coaches.

    I do view them differently, like I dont know if after 20 years my Coach bags will still be in as great shape as the lv???? BUT I like Coach prices much better.

    I will be buying more Coach bags before I buy another LV, so I guess I like the variety of Coach better.
  7. I'm more of a Coach person than LV. I owned a few LV pieces but I've always ended up tiring of them but I've kept all my Coach pieces.

    My boyfriend thinks LV looks like an old lady's purse.
  8. I have both Coach and LV (7 Coach bags and 10 Coach accessories and 2 LV bags and 1 LV accessory) and while I love both, I like LV a bit more. I have been trying to put my money into a few LVs instead of many Coach bags because I feel that the LV bags are more timeless. However, I did just buy one of the Coach scarf print totes and absolutely LOVE it.
  9. I have one LV from 15 yrs. ago and a few LV accessories. I have at least 10+ Coach purses and lots of Coach accessories. I prefer my Coach most of the time. I can not justify (for myself) spending thousands of dollars on a handbag. I like good quality shoes and handbags and think that Coach falls right into that category. I do love looking and hearing about all the high priced bags here on TPF, but I do cringe a bit when I hear some people put down Coach (and DB which I have some from the 80's as well). I do try to keep it in perspective - Coach is "lower class" on TPF but out in the "real world" it is far from it!
  10. I love both Coach and LV too (along with kate spade). I love them for different reasons though. LV is something I can use no matter what while my Coach bags are more trendy. My kate spades are classy and I can find something from kate spade to match with whatever I'm wearing.
  11. I love both... But only have the means to lust over one thing at a time!
  12. I hate it when people call Coach "a poor man's Louis Vuitton". I could buy any LV purse I want but I just don't like them.
  13. ^^^I think LV and Coach are two different styles. People like different things. So whoever says that needs to get a life. I think Coach has more trendy bags and LV is a little more classic pieces.
  14. ^^ DITTO! I actually got into LV because I couldn't find any Coach embossed pieces and saw LV vernis ... I had never liked LV before! I have about 20 coach bags and 3 LVs and hope to get more of each soon. :biggrin:
  15. I only have one Coach bag as I am definately an LV girl :P . I wanted to respond to this because I do think you can love both brands equally despite the price point. I guess I'm just one of those who in the end, really doesn't care about how much the bag cost. If I like it, I'm buying! :yahoo: There was a specific Coach bag I liked and I snapped it up quick even though I am a total sucker for LV.

    Liking Coach more than LV/LV more than Coach has nothing to do with price to me. Hey! If Coach comes out with another HOT bag, I'll pick that up too. Same with LV :smile: