Coach and James Nares Collection

  1. Oh I hope you post modeling pics!! I went ahead and ordered since they are so limited edition.
  2. Here are s couple of quick pics I took.
    image-307080027.jpg image-523485666.jpg image-113109666.jpg image-3429413634.jpg
  3. Beautiful!! :smile:
  4. This made me laugh - biggest box I've ever gotten!
    image-2800555595.jpg image-2634469250.jpg
  5. Love the color! How do the handles fit over the shoulder?

    Awwww, kitty's got a new toy to play with!
  6. Handles are too short for over the shoulder. The long strap is adjustable so you can do crossbody or over the shoulder. It is a huge bag though. Trying to decide what in the world I would put in it! It definitely falls over when empty.
  7. Oh wow I love the color! But I'm concerned this bag will be way to big to be an everyday sort of tote!
  8. Too bad there wasn't a smaller and LESS EXPENSIVE version of this canvas tote!
  9. It does not look like a Coach product to me.
  10. I do like them but like other bags more for that price.
  11. Those are stunning. If they came smaller I would get one in a heartbeat. :heart:
  12. :blush: YOur kitty is so cute!
  13. Thanks! He is my baby... :smile:
  14. sallyinmaui love your cat. did you order ur bag from the web sit or from the store. thanks
  15. Awww. Thanks! He loves the boxes - as soon as I bring it in he sniffs around, checking it all out.

    I ordered through my local store last week with my Gilt offer.