Coach and iPad?

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  1. Has anyone found a bag that works particularly well for carrying an iPad?

    I just purchased the tartan glam tote, and I haven't seen it in person, so I'm wondering if my iPad will fit inside it. If anyone has any experience, can you let me know?

    Apologize if this has been asked before, and thanks to anyone who has info!
  2. Ive had to get my bags specifically to fit my iPad! I always have it with me...

    Before I sold my op art glam, I used to uss it with my iPad. There is plenty of room in the glam for an iPad, a few wristlets, a wallet and a water bottle.
  3. The iPad will fit any bag bigger than 10 x 9. Small Sabrinas will be a tight fit with the iPad in it given the design of the bag. I have an iPad Case Sleeve that protects my iPad in my bag for added protection. I hope this helps.
  4. As for specifically well, my new Mia large maggie works well because I can use one of the non zippered compartments for the ipad when I need it handy or I can put it In the zippered one when I'm trying to keep it protected.

    My Madison hippie and Penelope shopper also both did well with the ipad too, even tho I wish there was a second compartment in the hippie for it.
  5. Thanks! I also have a sleeve on mine, just in case it gets banged around. But I can't *not* carry it with me, and I was freaking out for a second that it wasn't going to fit in the new bag, lol.
  6. I have a Large Parker Hippie and its work great with is, as does my Editorial Zoe. My Peyton was also an excellent bag for it. I use the Apple Case so its not much bigger than the Ipad though.
  7. I have that case too! It's the best!
  8. I love the way it doubles as a stand... it makes it sooo nice to watch movies on... :biggrin:
  9. I can carry mine in my Kristin pleated satchel. It also fits in my Tribeca. I have a new Mia Maggie but I have not tried to carry it in that. It doesn't fit well in a small Sabrina, Audrey or Kristin Satchel.
  10. The Poppy Glam Totes are nice with it too, especially given their shape.
  11. I have heard it fits well in an Alexandra, but I don't have firsthand knowledge.
  12. I have the small Alexandra in berry and it fits nicely in it.
  13. Does anyone know if the iPad will fit in the Mia carryall? (not the tote & not the Maggie!) I have a case on mine, so am looking for a not too too tight fit...

  14. I don't have an iPad (yet!!) but my Mia Carryall is the smaller version and a spiral bound notebook will fit inside completely. I am pretty sure the iPad is smaller than that.
  15. Yet is now! Lol!

    Yep, it fits in my Mia and Alexandra quite well! :yahoo: