Coach and Fed Ex Delivery

  1. I ordered the clover charm online and was having it delivered to my work. Now I want it delivered to my house. I called Coach and the service rep said she would call Fedex once it has shipped and have it re-routed to my house. Has anyone here done this? How will she rememeber to do this? I am probably going to call Fed ex myself once I see that it has shipped.
  2. I've never had that done before, but if you have a Fed Ex tracking number now, then try calling Fed Ex and see if they can re-route it. I guess there's always a chance for the SA to forget? :shrugs: Let us know how it works out!
  3. The Coach store has to reroute it, you can't. All you have to do is call FedEx when you see that it has been shipped and ask what address is it being shipped to because the Coach store was supposed to reroute it. If it hasn't been rerouted I would call the SA back again.

    I had somewhat of that problem today and yesterday. I had ordered two things from two different Coach stores in FL and MI. They both requested signatures in person. Well, FedEx delivers around 2pm and I get home around 430pm. So, I asked if I could have it rerouted to my job and they said Coach has to call them to change the delivery. They can do that even after it's been shipped BTW. I ended up having both Coach stores call and take off the signature request and now they will leave both items on the porch tomorrow!

    Hope this helps! :shrugs:
  4. Thanks HA! I think my charm will be delivered Friday and I was going to be at work but have to take a personal day so I will be home. The thought of my charm being stuck in the office all weekend is too sad to comprehend. So I do want to reroute. I will check Fed Ex tomorrow and call Coach back if the SA didn't get to it.
    Thanks again!!
  5. It worked! Coach called fedex while I was on the phone and re-routed the delivery. Since I wasn't in the office today, I didn't want it to get there and get turned away by this coworker who has been known to decline packages just to be spiteful.
  6. ^^ Glad it worked out! Enjoy the charm.