COACH and Ebay

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  1. Hi Ladies....

    I am bummed..again. Some of you may remember that I found a beautiful Peyton for an unbelievable price on the bay a few months back. When she arrived, she was not in the same condition that the seller said she was.
    I returned her, got my credit, etc.

    I should have known better. However, I found a Leigh (my HG) and even paid wayyy more than I should have for her. But I just thought I found my HG.

    It has been at home for a few days now and the smoke smell is outrageous. My son has even had to have a breathing treatment because of the smoke (highly allergic). So I have asked the seller if I may return her. I am so bummed.

    I need your help though. When the bag first arrived, suprisingly enough, it didnt smell until a few days later. I had already left positive feedback before the stench really began.

    What would you wise ladies do???
  2. oh no! =o( i'm so sorry this happened to you esp after you left feedback. did they list it as smoke free? maybe the seller treated it with something that temporarily got rid of the smell? good luck :wondering
  3. oh no :sad:
    Hopefully the seller will give you the refund and that will be that.
    Maybe the seller used Febreeze or something on the bag? That really sucks.
    I hope you are able to easily resolve the problem.
  4. yikes after you leave feedback it can be difficult.. i feel lucky out of the 900+ auctions 10% of them sales I haven't had any problems.. just one lady who told me I had 3 hours to pay after the auction closed or she would report me lol
  5. For a short time I lived in a smoking house and when I had moved out my bags stunk too. I stuffed them with newspaper and let them air for a couple of weeks and that helped. I am not sure how bad yours is, but you can try that or baking soda.
  6. You are having a time, aren't you? :hugs:

    I've never had an issue with Coach and Ebay (a few other things I have though). I am so sorry. I hope the seller is cooperative.
  7. Thats a bummer! I have had pretty good luck on ebay, but a few haven't been so great (like my most recent transaction) Its a real bummer that some sellers just can't be honest about the condition of their items. Its no fun to get something you are SO excited for, only to find out the seller was less than honest about the item. She should have at LEAST stated that she comes from a smoking household. I would try to get the smell out first. I would also try the baking soda, or maybe let it air out in a garage for a few days. If nothing works I would email the seller and let her know your situation. Maybe she would be willing to let you send it back for a refund. Good luck!
  8. Prior to her mailing the bag out, I asked if the bag was from a smoking home and explained that my son is highly allergic, etc. She said " bought it pre-owned and shortly owned it. too big so i re-listed it to basically get my money back after listing, ebay, paypal fees and ship cost. i don't smell anything but leather. i have no problem refunded less shipping~unused. so let me know asap upon arrival. thanks! diana"

    This seller was not rude or mean or anything. In fact, she may have been the nicest seller Ive encountered thus far. She took great care to wrap each hangtag, the handle etc, for shipping. It was wrapped expertly. I feel bad because she was so very kind. But $300 for a bag that is causing my son breathing issues is not ok.

    I emailed her kindly and asked her if I could send it back, on my own dollar. I feel kinda bad, even though Im not sure I should.

    I hope it goes well. Will update.
  9. Sorry you're having such crummy luck, hope it gets resolved!
  10. Don't feel bad. This is a health issue with your son! :flowers:
  11. Wow...girl, you just can't catch a break on the Bay!

    I would contact the seller and explain what happened - they know that bag smelled like smoke before they prepped it. Regardless of how she responds, PayPal protects you so recouping your money is not really even an issue. The only real issue is whether or not she will be professional about it and issue the refund without you having to force it - because you can do just that.

  12. Paypal was a great help to me last time. But I guess Im concerned because I left feedback already. Maybe the thing that will save me is that somehow I dont think ti went through ebay. I say that because she agree to sell it to me for $300, $25 less than asking price. So she sent me an invoice through paypal. When I log into my Ebay account, it still says I need to pay for the bag. So maybe because it went through Paypal, and not ebay...the fact that I left feedback wont matter???

    She was very nice before the sale, so I hoep the niceness continues. But if it does not, Id like to know I could get my refund.
  13. You can still get your refund through PayPal simply because you paid with PayPal, but you'd better not bring the Bay into it - you aren't supposed to pay for items sold on the Bay without going through their payment system. So, they would probably leave you hanging concerning any complaints you had because you were non-compliant :sad:
  14. I have read some Great tips on getting rid of orders if that is an option for you...Meaning if you Really Love this bag....Maybe you could try...GL;)
  15. Feedback and your ability to get your $$ back are not connected. She must have sprayed it with something. You made it CLEAR that you needed a smoke free bag and that's NOT what you got.

    Good luck. Report back!!!!!!!