Coach and department stores...

  1. I hope I am posting this in the right place. I don't know if alot of you are familiar with Belk Department store, but do they sell real coach handbags? I saw one today at Belk in the city over from where I live. i have never seen them there and I asked my siblings who are quite older than me and my mother about it. They have never seen them either at Belk. Have they always sold them?
  2. There aren't any Belk Dept. Stores in my area, so I'm not sure about your question, but thought I'd give you a bump. :smile: I know that my own local Macy's does not usually carry Coach, but they will take returns and resell them.
  3. Hmmmm.... We don't have them around here in NJ, at least to my knowledge. However, here's a Belk store in my hometown in TN that I go to, and I have never seen any Coach's not really that high rent of a store to carry much designer stuff. Tommy Hilfiger is about as upper end as it gets there! I've gone to Belk stores a lot over the years when I was in TN, and they never had Coach at any of the ones I went to. However, that could have's been at least 6 months since I went to one. There also at least used to be "Belk", "Belk Hudson", and various derivatives of the maybe some carry higher end items than others that I don't know about. There are some places that do pick up liquidated items like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc, so maybe Belk has gotten into that business as well?? I'm not sure, but maybe there's a number online for Belk that you can call and ask.
  4. Yes, the bigger Belk stores in my area sell them-I actually buy a lot of my Coach from Belk-there is also a Coach store in the same mall and Belk will still have some of the older bags that aren't available in the Coach store.
  5. The local Macy's here has a small selection of Coach, also the Nordstrom's.
  6. Where I used to live there was a dept. store called Leggett's. They closed after I moved away and a Belk's took over. I don't know if they have any affiliation with the old Leggett's, but Leggett's is where I bought all of my Coach bags back then. Maybe Belk's sells Coach too.
  7. Thanks ladies for your replies, you answered my question. It was a little weird seeing a coach bag there since i have to travel at least 2 hours to the nearest coach store or department store (dillards or macy's) that sells coach. Also i live in a small town in South Carolina.
  8. Yeah Belk does sell authentic Coach. For a long time that was really the only place you could find it around here until they built Coach stores in the area.
  9. I actually got a postcard today from Belk advertising the new spring collection there, so YES they sell authentic Coach.
  10. Yes, Belk's sells Coach, it's kind of a strange department store chain...they have totally different merchandise in all their stores and it varies from state to state! IDK why??
  11. That is weird. We have 2 Belk's around here. One stand alone by itself and one in our mall and neither of them sell Coach. The only way to buy coach around here was to go to the outlet, but thank goodness they finally re-opened our Dillards in the Mall!!! Yay!! It has been closed down since Katrina hit in August 2005 and it just opened up a few weeks ago!!