Coach and Costco!

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  1. I went to the Costco by my house this weekend and they had a whole table of Coach bags for Mother's Day, the one I remember was the Large Black Signature Carly for 311!!!! If I wasn't getting ready to go out of the country I would have bought it! It's so beautiful, but yeah check out your local Costco and see if they have one you like!
  2. WOW!! Thats awsome! I just bought the same bag at my local Coach store at full retail. Dang!
  3. Do you like it? I'm so tempted to go back and get it!!
  4. I would give anything for a Costco nearby!!!
  5. I absolutely LOVE it! It is uber comfy and looks great with everything. Plus I carry tons and still have lots of room. Go for it! :yes:
  6. Didn't costco get into some trouble for selling counterfeit goods? I would double check their return policy and check over the bags extremely well before purchasing.
  7. I have to go to Costco today so I will deff be on the look out for Coach bags!
  8. That was Sams Club...

    Costco has always had authentic -- and they have the most amazing return policy! They'll take anything back anytime.

  9. Good point. It's not a bargain if it's fake. If I didn't already own a black leather Carly I would check it out myself.
  10. I'm going to stop by tomorrow and see if they still have it and I'll decide then, which at this point means I'll get it! I just got a purse at PCE and I was going to wait to get another, but seriously this is like another PCE.
  11. No they were authentic. Costco doesn't sell fake stuff and you can take anything back to Costco, just like Nordstrom's.
  12. Go back and get it!!! :yes: (And then report back here as to the other styles there, too!)
  13. You're enablers and I love it! I'm gonna go tonight and see. I'll definitely report back with what they have.
  14. can't wait to hear the report ;)
  15. So costco's goods are authentic, but not sam's club? Hmmm, how do they get these bags at a discount? I want to believe, but it sounds fishy.