COACH and Burberry outlet sale!!!

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  1. So I made a trip to the North GA outlet malls yesterday and coach and burberry had some really nice sales! EVERYTHING in the coach outlet was on sale for an ADDITIONAL 20-40 percent off all bags, including already marked down clearance. Including accessories and mens stuff.

    Stuff I bought:

    I bought a white leather bag, originally 400, and paid $167 for it.
    A Coach Muffler in Gray, originally 98, for $40
    and a black leather mens wallet for my boyfriend, originally 139 (outlet price) marked down to $69 and an additional 30 percent off paying total $42 for it.

    (Will post pics later! I love my new bag :yahoo:)

    The prices were outrageous!!! Definitely hit up your local coach outlet!! And the outlet does not accept the 25% preferred customer coupon incase any of you are wondering. That is only for the Retail Store.

    And the Burberry outlet had a lot of clothing on clearance, but they had Novacheck lambswool scarves for $49 dollars, and the scarf/glove set for $69. They had some nice striped scarves for $129 also, in ample colors. The cashmere nova scarf is still at $169 (the regular outlet price). They only had bags in nova check style so I didn't really check the prices on them, but a lot of coats were 30 percent off too. They even had the black quilted coats. Didn't look at the prices though:sad:. But worth checking out too!

  2. thanks for posting!
  3. I wish i was in orlando now... I missed going to the burberry outlet when i was there in oct :sad: I want a nova check wallet :sad: oh well
  4. Yeah, they did have some great deals. I was up there Friday and they were giving away the store. I got a wrap for $199.
  5. Thanks for posting, I'm hoping to go next week!! :biggrin:
  6. Awesome! I am going to head to my outlet tommorrow! Thanks for posting!
  7. I went to the ones in Las Vegas.

    Nothing great. Burberry had Mufflers for $49 and Muffler/Gloves sets for $69.

    Coach had a cute plain tote that was marked down to $130. There were only 3 and one of the girls I was with bought one.
  8. Gonna check the Premium Outlet tomorrow. Thank you for letting us know!
  9. Thanks for sharing!
  10. :wlae:headed to the outlets tomorrow...i am so lazy they are like 20 mins away just don't fell like driving:shame:
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. thanks for posting such a great info!!! ill check it out soon!!
  13. Thanks, am off today and will fit in a stop there.
  14. Grrr! With all the shopping in LA I would think there would be more avaliable outlets near me. :hysteric:
  15. awesome deals!!

    man! i wish i didn't do that much damage to my credit card over christmas...