Coach and a gift for my best friend

  1. I am visiting the branson outlet in just a couple weeks but am wondering if anyone can suggest a type of purse that I could buy my best friend. It would be her first coach and she is a very simply, plain girl. Nothing bright for her! Im absolutely OBSESSED with coach and just got some new sneakers this week that I LOVE and a blue coach hamptons tote that is reversible (YAY Fiance!):yahoo: and saw the way that she was lusting after them. Anyone know of good sales at the missouri store or what kind of wristlet/purse would be good for the lowest price possible? :graucho:
  2. I think a wristlet would make a great first Coach. My first Coach was a brown and pink suede gallery wristlet. :smile: It's nice of you to want to buy something for her.

    I'd say wait until you get there. When you do, definitely head straight for the Clearance section. That's where you can find the best deals! Then afterward, if you don't see anything you like in there, look around and I'll bet there'll be some kind of wristlet on sale. There always seems to be. :smile:
  3. I agree with everything Stophle said. You can never guess what kind of deals the outlet will have. The first piece of Coach I bought was a wristlet and it was for my sister. I now have 2 wristlets from the outlet (both retail at about $98 and I got them for around $30 each).

    Hope you find what you are looking for. Let us know!
  4. Aww that is sweet that yo ubought your sis her first coach! I bought my sister her first couch, a pouch bag at full price, 98.00! She nearly wet herself from excitement, now she has 5 coach bags and about to buy a lv speedy! Not only that but she also convinced me that purses covered in c's were not stupid and ugly, now I am obsessed.
  5. My outlet has large leather Soho flap bags for just over $100 (30% off of the marked down price, which I think is $169.99). If that is in your price range, that might make a great first Coach bag for your friend!
  6. I want to go along more of the lines of a signature, stripe, or hampton weekend. She likes smaller purses, not even the medium size tote bags, and if it was a coach I know that she would want something that SCREAMS coach. She has a fake coach wristlet that she has carried for a year now and she loves it simply because of the size. What are some other deals that you guys have seen in the outlets lately in smaller purses and wristlets. She is turning 19 and this is her first year of college, she has been homeschooled her whole life. I will of course be taking far more money then I need for this trip because I will be buying early christmas presents but want to get an idea of what I can get for the money. I am willing to pay 60-100 dollars total on her. Thanks!

  7. I got a small leather Soho flap bag in Mahogany at the outlet for $67!!! I think that would be great for her, since she likes small bags. The Soho buckle is very indicative of Coach.


    The price was great and there are always good deals at the outlets so I hope you find something wonderful for your friend. :yes:
  8. I would love it but I think that she would prefer the sig. print. She is very picky and I really want to the her that perfect bag you know? BTW which outlet did you find your flap in that is an awesome price!?
  9. If you want something in signature. This may be a good bet. They are at the outlets for 75 or something. It also comes in khaki and navy signature too.

  10. OOh I like that... Do you know what the name is on it? Is it comfortable on your shoulder? Your right, it does seem like a good bet, she would love that one! Any other suggestions?
  11. Yes the strap is adjustable so it's very comfortable and sits on the shoulder well. It's called a soft signature demi.

    I guess my other suggestions would be a demi (which I find to be really small so I am not a fan, but your friend might like), a carly demi (more expensive), or an east west bag.

    The carly demi (1st) is like 100 something [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    The East West bag (2nd) is like 75 something at the outlets:

    The regular demi (3rd) is like 75 something too.

    Hope this helps. Also it's hard to really plan what you will find at the outlets, since their inventory changes so rapidly. But, I'm sure you will find something nice for your friend that fits your budget. :yes:

    Good Luck!
  12. the soho flap is adorable and that is a great price-