Coach alligator shopper $20.000...

  1. I am in shock with that Coach alligator Shopper and all the bags that cost so much money. I think that is OK if you like a normal bag with an average price but $20.000??? It is ridiculous. I can't believe is still women in the world so stupid for pay all this money for a bag (and the ones that pay a lot more!)... specially if you will have in your mind that you are carrying an alligator everywhere. Stupid people. Nothing in the brain.
  2. You have to remember that price is relative. To some people, $20,000 is not a lot of money. Hermes bags can go for twice that much money. Now to me, that is more than what my car cost, so I can't say that I would EVER spend that much on a bag, but to someone else, $20,000 is just change.
  3. I think it's silly for people out there to pay that much for a bag, but you have to realize...most companies create pieces like this that are just for show. Similar to Victoria's Secret and how they have the Fantasy Bra every year that costs MILLIONS.
  4. Most rich people don't spend their money frivolously, and would think hard before making such a purchase. However, if they saw this bag as an investment - which it might be, looking at the current state of the vintage designer item market - they'd grab it in a heartbeat.

    The rich generally look for exceptional quality, service, and investment potential when they make purchases. One gets rich by being smart with one's money - not by pissing it away purchasing every shiny new toy that catches one's eye.
  5. Celebrities would pay that much for a bag without thinking twice. In fact, I believe Mandy Moore has the Bleecker duffle in alligator so I'm sure that was around $20K too.
  6. Yup. I'm not a celeb or rich but I dream about a raisin croc Birkin as sort of a grail bag, I'll never be able to afford it but if I could and one was presented to me, I'd grab it because it would just be an amazing piece to have. But I do not expect to ever be in that situation, so I just admire the women on this forum that do have those pieces and treat them like gold, just as they do all their other possessions. These women also aren't frivolous with their money, think hard about whether they want it or not, and don't settle (like if they were after black alligator and get offered brown croc or ostrich, they don't buy it impulsively just because it was offered). They also don't really spoil their children with whatever little thing they want.

    So I'd say, it may be a lot to most of us but it is definitely relative and it's up to people to spend their money how they want.
  7. if i had the money, i would buy it...buts thats the problem, i can only afford vuitton and coach right now
  8. I could never afford something like that, but it shocks me that Coach is putting out something that expensive. Coach is great, but for that price you could buy something better (ie. Hermes).
  9. i think the reason coach is coming up with higher priced bags and luggage is kind of differentiate itself from the "common" bags. walking in the mall, or even the grocery store, how many coach bags do you see? i see quite a few along with dooney and bourke. now, how many louis vuitton, balenciaga, chanel etc do you see? certainly not as many. i think coach has lost whatever luxury stamp it had because so many people are buying it.
  10. I think the same thing is happening with LV especially with all the fakes, there are a lot of fake Chanel is all just really sad. Ugh.
  11. If I had a bag tht expensive I would be afraid to leave the house with it. My car cost that much,omg.
  12. if that was for my comment, i totally agree. that is one reason why i have kind of moved on to balenciaga, however, i will never be over LV because their quality is immpecable. but i think thats why LV has introduced so manyout LEs lately.
  13. I can definitely agree with that. LE's are a great idea anyway because people think they are getting something special. I'm not the hugest LV fan but I like the ones I have seen my friends carrying. I'm more into Chanel and Hermes (well someday right) myself but I can appreciate and respect a great brand!:tup:
  14. i think the bleeker duffle is $30,000 actually............:wtf:
  15. ha. yeah. i went to hermes and they had a chartreuse green 35cm birkin that was available. so i put it on hold and told my SA that i would have to talk to my parents(already knowing the answer) it was $7200. twillys will do for now, and im really loving the picotin too. its about 1800 and my SA told me that it can be used as a lunch box.:lol: