Coach Ali - weight

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  1. Hi there,

    I know there have been many threads on the Ali bag and Lord knows I have read them many times over :yes:, but I have not seen any reference to how heavy it is.

    I would love to know how you guys find the bag. I have also seen the Ergo, but I much prefered the earlier Ergos they had - the newer ones just don't do it for me :sad:

    So I have been looking at the Ali, :drool: but am a wee bit worried that it might be too heavy to begin with and then when I put my stuff in, my shoulder is going to :crybaby:. I usually carry cellphone, wallet, keys, some gum and glasses w/case.

    So should I be looking at the Ali at all??? :girlsigh:

    Thanks much for your replies.

  2. It seems a bit heavy when I lift it with my stuff. When I carry it on my shoulder it doesn't bother me. Your SA will let you try your stuff in the floor model and you can judge for yourself. Good luck!
  3. The Ali weighs about 2lbs empty but with all my stuff inside it came in at 5lbs 14oz! I know because I put it on my postage scale. The bag doesn't feel heavy on MY shoulder because it is designed well and displaces the weight nicely with it's wide strap. It also helps that I am a "substantial" woman who is built to carry burdens! :P What I consider reasonable might be intolerable to you. This is one of those things that varies greatly and comfort is in the eyes of the wearer! Handbag Helen's advice to go to a store and test drive the bag makes a lot of sense. Good Luck!
  4. I have a hard time with wearing demi's on my shoulders let alone anything else..and I wasn't too big of an Ali fan, but I saw it in black signature the other day and actually kind of liked it. I think next time I go to the boutique I'll take Handbag Helen's advice and try it on
  5. The Ali is a bit heavy but it is a substantial leather.
    When you wear it you feel like you are wearing a quality bag and I like that. I don't find it too heavy. I own two
    a white Ali and a whiskey Ali and love them both. Why don't you go to the Coach Boutique and put all of your stuff in a floor model and you can see how you like carrying it. Good luck deciding!
  6. Thanks ladies. Unfortunately, the boutique closest to me does not have the Legacy stuff anymore
    :sad: and I did not pay too much attention while they were in the store.

    I did have some of the older coach bags, like the Stewardess bag and the Court bag, so I know how substantial the older leather was. Am I right in thinking this is something like that? I can deal with that. I am more concerned that it will end up being like MJ bags - so gorgeous but so heavy!!!

    Thank you again for your input.

    So would you say that the ergo <the current style> is way lighter than the Ali?


    I love the strap and the general look and feel of the Ali. I keep getting drawn to it everytime I see it.

  7. I would say that the Ali is very much like the old Coach bags. Beautiful, substantial leather. I purchased my Ali last week and it is such a blast from my Coach past! I even love the way the vintage leather smells. If you like those you will be happy with the Ali. The Ergo is much lighter than the Ali. If you order the Ali and find you are unhappy with it, it can be returned to a retail store even if they don't stock the Legacy line.
  8. I just bought the white Ali and while it does feel heavy to pick up, it doesn't feel heavy when you wear it on the shoulder and I put a ton of stuff in it so that it's practically bursting.
    I tried on the medium ergo and it was super light so it should be very nice to carry on the shoulder as well. Plus I love the feel of the soft leather on the ergo. However I like the style and the quality of the ali better. It's a tough call! Good luck!
  9. This is my ali and what I carry. I dont find it heavy at all.

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  10. Hi Ashley, I love, love the Ali and all the legacy, but cannot make it happen for me at all. I got the signature slim flap and the hardware is still a bit heavy, but could not even part with it. I liked the black siggie Ali as well as Helen said. If you do not find that heavy, then go for it, but load it in the store and wear it for a day or two at home to be sure, if I may suggest that. I find the tiny Carly in black leather that I posted is going to become my favorite for light bags. You and I have the same trouble with the weight. Stop by and look at my pics...posted yesterday on the denim tote, which is very , very light if you cross the shoulder straps for people like us who have narrow shoulders and the gold Carly strap is a bit wide , but I love that. The wallet, the color does not move me, I had loved the whiskey. Let me know what you think. The SA's are always preferring leather, that is in MY store not siggie, but I have to figure out what feels the lightest that I love...The only thing I do not love is my back problems and my shoulders.. I love the bags..What to do, if you love what you cannot wear? So small in what really matters in your heart. I wish I had my mom back more than anything at all...Thanks for your support all of you....Lynn