Coach Ali or Kooba Meredith?

  1. Okay, ladies, maybe you can help me decide.

    I'm looking for a nice leather shoulder bag. I think I've narrowed it down to the Coach Ali and the Kooba Meredith. They are very similar in size and design and come in black and light brown/whiskey colors. The Meredith is a little larger and comes with a longer, removeable strap. But, the Coach is beautiful and has the lovely Legacy lining. The Meredith is more expensive at retail, but they come out about the same as the Ali on eBay.

    I have had more than 50 different Coach bags over the years, and I still have quite a few. (I'm currently addicted to the Hampton's pebbled totes with 3 and counting.) I've never had a Kooba but am curious. The ladies over in the Kooba forum seem to love their Koobas almost as much as you love your Alis.

    Have any of you ever compared the two, or possibly have both? Any thoughts?
  2. Please check out our thread "Ali Support Group"!!! You will find that we ALL are in total Ali love!!! I vote for Ali!!! Good luck in your decision!
  3. It's all about the Ali. If nothing else, the wide shoulder strap makes it extremely easy on the shoulder and to carry.
  4. Oh yeah it's Ali all the way!! I've looked at some of the Kooba bags in Nordstroms and they are smaller than I thought they would be (the nichole and charlie bags). The Ali is $125 less and very roomy. I love mine. Several tpfers have her in several colors.
  5. Do you have a photo of the Kooba Meredith? I have an Ali and I love it, but it's cool to try out different designers too.
  6. i agree, could you post a picture of the kooba meredith? that would help a ton. :smile:
  7. For love or money? . . . These are both pretty bags, Meredith is a little more "refined" more "executive" to me. The real determination would be to see and feel each in person. Ali lovers love the way Ali "feels" . . .
    s7181_008_lg_S.jpg 10329_B4WY-1_d2.jpg
  8. If you can I recommend trying both on at a store. I do like the different styling of the Meredith and the fact that there is a long strap as well as the shorter one. The big question is the magnetic lock closure on the Meredith and if it holds up. The Ali is more of a classic bag.
  9. here's a kooba meredith for comparison...

    Both are super cute but I'm biased toward the Ali (believe me, I have enough Coach and Kooba both to know this). The Ali leather seems more durable to me than the Koobas...
  10. I like the Ali the best. Good luck on your decision!
  11. There is no comparison at all. Get the Ali, you will not regret it. I own four Ali's - white, whiskey, brown and Natural. I am now getting the shoulder flap in citron.
    You will not regret getting this bag. It is comfortable on the shoulder and a true timeless classic from Coach which I don't think you will ever tire of. Even the new Shoulder Flap No. 11134 is way nicer than the Kooba bag.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. I like both, but I'm partial to Ali as I own one. I also am not a huge fan of the long drop of the strap on the Kooba, I prefer the shorter drop of the Ali. Plus you get the bonus of the legacy lining if you get the Ali!!!!
  13. Love the Ali - it might be the perffect bag!!!
  14. I really like how you can wear the kooba crossbody and it is a pretty bag, but I vote for the Ali! I have two, and those bags can be worn in just about any situation--dressy, casual, in between. I also think that it really is a bag that will be stylish for years to come. It's a contemporary classic.
  15. I have never seen that kooba until just now, but I personally still prefer the ali. :tup: I have never had a bag like her before and absolutely LOVE her.. SO comfy too! I have her in brown and just got her in black and white!! It is your personal preference though, you will be the one wearing it! Cough ALI Cough:wlae::graucho: