Coach Ali or Coach Mandy?

  1. Hi everyone, please help me make a decision. I already own a black ali and have recently been craving for a whiskey legacy bag. I am soooo... jealous of the beautiful legacy deals at the outlet. I live in Toronto so I have to rely on eBay. I want a whiskey coloured bag, but I'm wondering if I should get the Mandy or Ali. In terms of weight, I don't find the Ali too heavy.
  2. I have both Ali and Mandy. I love both for different reasons. Each serves a function for me. As far as weight....the mandy is quite heavy. Def. heavier than the Ali. But, the distribution of weight with the mandy makes it bearable (as others have pointed out.) I have not taken mandy on an outing yet so I will let you know after I do!!!!
  3. i vote mandy. im not fond of having two bags in the same style. but if you really love the ali go for it !
  4. I love the mandy bag but every time I try one on I tend to be put off by its more "east west" style. I think the bag is gorgeous but for me it is too bulky and rollish and does not slouch and the strap for me tends to be shorter because the top of the bag is wider than the Ali so the drop is shorter. I have a leather Ali and love it. I did like the idea that the Mandy was almost like a Satchel that could be put on the shoulder. Now the style that I love and wish they would bring back is the double pocket shoulder tote. It is longer than the mandy and has a longer strap but still has the 2 pockets.
  5. I have both Ali (natural) and Mandy (whiskey) and I adore them both.....Mandy is surely a heavier bag but the distribution of wt. designed into that bag makes her just fine for me to carry. I think they are both classic beauties and both will hold allot. I will say if I was to go out now and buy a third bag, with it being one of these, it would be Ali in black!!
  6. I vote Mandy...I got one in Whiskey and its my favorite bag.
  7. I wish I had a Mandy, I'm very picky about flap I don't really want an Ali for myself.
  8. My vote goes for the Mandy partly because you can have a different style in your collection and the weight is distributed very well. It's a gorgeous bag, and you should be able to get a great deal on eBay right now!
  9. i just got my mandy on friday, and i love her - seriously i will be stalking eBay for a black one now if i dont get back out to the outlet anytime soon
  10. I just bought a Mandy and an Ali and love them both but the Mandy is SUCH a beautiful bag. While it is a bit heavy, I think it is totally worth it. If you are used to carrying an Ali, I don't think you will find her that much heavier. I say...get the's gorgeous and will add variety to your collection.
  11. Thanks for all the input. I think I'm leaning towards a Mandy, i will probably be able to use it as a diaper bag as well. What is a reasonable price that I should aim for as a bid on Ebay? I don't know what they are selling for at the outlets.
  12. I am also a fan of diversification and would suggest a Mandy (or shoulder bag) in whiskey. Unless you're totally in love with the Ali style. What about a slim flap (I just picked one up and LOVE it!!)
  13. It's official, I want the Mandy. I thought about the slim flap but I like to carry many items, so I think the slim flap may be too small.
  14. I have a black Mandy that I got off ebay a few months back. It was brand new and I paid $350.00 for it. I use it as my everyday bag and since I have a 1 yr old I can throw in her things as well. It is a little on the heavy side, but I have gotten so use to it that I do not even notice anymore. Besides when I am out with the baby Mandy goes in the stroller-so no having to hold her! I think Mandy would be a great choice!
  15. Get the Mandy as you already have an Ali in your Collection. I own four Ali's and one black Mandy. They are very different bags. The Mandy is a bit heavy but the weight is very well distributed so you should be okay. I love my Mandy so much that I am now getting a whiskey one!