Coach Ali Leather Transfer on the Lining

  1. i have the ali in black and am wondering if the leather transfer on the flap lining is normal. I've only used to bag on and off for less than two months and am quite disappointed that this has happened....but if it's normal, i guess i can deal with it. it could also be that it shows a lot more because there are black transfer marks which is a lot more noticeable than maybe the whiskey or the white?

    what's your experience?
  2. Can you post photos? I am having a hard time imagining what leather transfer would look like. I had problems with the lining in my black leather Legacy shoulder zip bag.
  3. I JUST noticed this today and I also have a black Ali. Its like the natural oils from the leather are rubbing off on the sateen lining. Its really noticable on the white lining.

    When I saw it this morning, I almost had a heart attack because I thought something had spilled inside.

    Give me a few minutes while I post a pic.
  4. I hope this pic helps.
  5. The front pockets on my whiskey shoulder have done that as well. I think it's normal.
  6. Wonder if that would be covered under warranty. Guess it wouldnt matter if its doing it on all of the bags though :sad: Sorry that happened to you.
  7. I noticed this on my Whiskey Ali the other day. I, too, had thought that I had spilled something on it, then I looked more closely at it and can see that it is from the leather. I guess this is normal??
  8. I honestly cleaned mine with a tide pen, I thought it was just dirty and it stayed clean!
  9. That's exactly how mine looked. I brought it into the store because I had only had the bag less than two months and hardly used it. The employees told me that they've never seen that happen before, but offered to send my bag in....i basically said sure, why not. In three weeks, they basically sent me a new bag, but honestly, it's happening again....This time...i'll just deal, but am a bit disappointed.

    I'll have to try the tide pen.
  10. Hmm...I have the Legacy Shoulder Bag in khaki/ebony. I hope it won't happen to mine. How does the black lining rub off to the inside anyway?
  11. My guess is that the natural oil of the leather is rubbing off on the lining from a combination of just normal wear (especially if you wear it under your arm). You arm rubbing up against the leather which in turn rubs up against the stuff in your bag. Well it seems like its not anything abnormal but it just the downside of natural vintage leather and sateen mixed together.

    I don't imagine that the signature ones will have this issue.
  12. I have the black leather Ali as well and mine has this same problem too!
  13. Hello everyone, I have both black and white ali and I noticed it too. I just wiped it all down with a damp baby wash cloth (velour), no soap or cleaners. I live in the country, which means I live in dirt! So I am just in the habit of wiping my bags off often. Dust and grit in the folds is like sand paper. I interchange colors since last October and my bags still look great!