Coach Ali Color???

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  1. Hi all,
    I won this ALI last night on Ebay for a incredible, all most embarrassingly low price and I am THRILLED!! I wanted this bag for so long, even before I got MANDY!! Well, my question is what is this color called, please?? Is it camel, natural?????? I have Mandy in Whiskey and I know it is not reddish like Mandy. Cannot wait to get ALI!!!!! Thanks for your help and a most blessed Thanksgiving to you all!!

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  2. THat looks very much like natural to me.
  3. I second "natural"....great bag! Congrats!!
  4. Yeah, I'd say natural! That's the same color as my natural slim flap! Congratulations!
  5. How much was it?
  6. I got it for $172......and it is NEW!
  7. it's natural and wow you got a great deal.. congrats!!
  8. I was totally watching that one and forgot about it!! You got a GREAT deal!! And that one id Natural and just a gorgeous color!!!

    Please post pics when you get her!!
  9. What a great price! That is so awesome since ALL the leather ali's are sold out at Jax....
  10. Congratulations! Yes, it looks like natural to me . . . You must share your joy in the ALI SUPPORT GROUP Thread! Please!
  11. That is a beautiful Ali! Enjoy Carrying her! Congrats!
  12. Wow! That great! :tup:
  13. Wow! The Ali is such a gorgeous bag, and you got an amazing deal. Enjoy it!