Coach Ali and Outlets?

  1. Hi Gals! This is my first time posting on the Coach forum, but you all would know this info best ;)!

    I'm visiting my folks in CA next week and wondering what would be the liklihood of finding a Whiskey Ali at the outlets (Vacaville, Napa, or Gilroy). Is it too new to show up there? In the old days, you couldn't call a SA at the outlets for help on inventory - has this changed?

    I'm also looking at the adorable legacy stripe ponytail scarf too....

    Thanks in advance for the help. You gals are so knowledgeable. I've come full circle in trying bags (started with a Coach out of college); getting a Coach feels like coming home :yes:!
  2. You can ask an SA to let you know if one came in (usually they are returned by people who didn't know they scratched. I haven't seen any perfect Alis at the outlet except for a Sgnature Khaki/Gold I got which was a return.
  3. Hi and welcome to TPF.

    I would call around to the outlets ahead of time but I think it's unlikely you will find a whiskey one at any of them. The Ali's at the outlets have been store transfers for the most part. You could try calling Jax to see if there are any whiskeys left in stock and order one through a boutique. PCE lasts through the 16th and if you don't have a card, ask for the discount anyways and see if they will give it to you. The Legacy ponytail scarf is back on the website and can be ordered with PCE as well. I also doubt you'd find that scarf at any of the outlets. Good luck with your search.
  4. Call those outlets ahead of time and find out if they have what you are looking for. If they do, they will hold it for 48 hours. I don't think the Ali's have been sent to the outlet in bulk BUT I did get my whiskey Ali in the outlet because someone returned it there instead of taking it back to the Coach boutique. Good Luck!
  5. You won't find the scarf at the outlets, and the whiskey Ali is rare and won't be there in all likelihood unless someone returned it instead of taking it back to the boutique. But good luck with your search!
  6. Thanks guys! I knew you all could help :tup:!
  7. Be careful with whiskey though. While I was still in Charlotte I saw one at the boutique there but it was all scratched up since it was the floor model. I'd hate to order through JAX personally to end up with a bag like that one. I hope you can find what you want though! Good luck!
  8. ^^^Thanks, tlloveshim....I know that the whiskey has a lot of color variation too. I may just break down and pay retail. I have a Coach store near us but the inventory is limited and dragging two little ones to the Coach store while making a $ decision is not my idea of a stress-free afternoon LOL!
  9. You will have a hard time finding an Ali at the Outlets.
    As others have stated if you find one it will most likely be a store return. Why don't you try and get one at the Coach Boutique with the PCE discount. It would be
    $375 plus tax which is not too bad. I have only seen the plum suede ali's and the charcoal suede ali's at my Outlet which is Woodbury Common Plaza in upstate NY.
    I have never seen an all leather Ali at the Outlet though. Good luck!
  10. ^^ Well, I don't have a PCE discount :shame:...I haven't bought a Coach in ages and isn't that how you procure them?
  11. Check the PCE thread for an update - someone had a card available today. If you don't get a card, ask for the discount anyways. If you're ready to commit to a big purchase, the store is more inclined to say yes.
  12. Call the Coach store in Bellevue, WA. They are super friendly and helpful! Also, like Graberg suggested, go through the PCE thread as there are several stores that are giving discounts without the card. I think this time around they are being more lenient than in the past. Good luck!
  13. Thanks, guys! You're wonderful to help an "old" newbie out!
  14. They had an ali whiskey in the back of the Vegas outlet last time I was there I asked and she went back and got it.. but it was very orange, pretty scratched up, and they only marked it down $50 I would rather use my PCE if I were you.. I didn't get a card, but asked and they were more than happy to give it to me!! Also, the scarf I just ordered at the boutique on the PCE, she said they had been sold out for a long time.. I don't think the outlets will get those!
  15. I have seen the hippies in whiskey at Gilroy but the only Ali's I saw there were suede.