Coach Agenda

  1. Hi, I am thinking about getting a Coach agenda. I was wondering if those of you who have one are satisfied with the planner and think it's worth purchasing?? I'm leaning towards the 4x7 size, not sure about leather or signature?
  2. I like mine...I take the address book part out and JUST use the planner....and I have the 5X8 size....but I carry a lot of big its easy to toss in when I'm headed for an appt.... I picked up mine at the outlet because I couldn't stomach the retail its leather pink with coral trim.
  3. i have a 4 x 7 mini sig it.
  4. I have the small size and selling it, its okay (the leather), but I need something much slimmer and durable.
  5. I have a brown one, very handy. I love it! I just throw it in my bag with my keys though, so it has many scratches. Maybe some of the coach leather cleaner would help...
  6. got the pale yellow leather one 4X7 at outlet.

    loved it

    until i saw the turnlock signature stripe one, got that 3X5

    i don't know but i like the new legacy stripe too, i just cannot fathom what i'd do with such a big planner! i like to carry big bags, but that's because i have a lot to carry.
  7. I love all of your coach,
    Where did you get the cigarette case at? MyMom would love it.
  8. I have one I got at the outlet, but it is going back, just too bulky.