Coach agenda?

  1. Does anybody have one of these? i recently purchased one and have questions.

    First of all-what sort of pen fits in the pen slot in the agenda? I tried every pen in the house and they were all too fat! Suggestions appreciated.

    Second question-my agenda came with a calendar and address book-I would really rather have a blank note pad instead of the address book, but Coach doesn't make one for this agenda-they suggested going to an office supply store. has anyone done this and perhaps you can tell me what company does make a spiral bound note pad that would fit in my Coach agenda? Thanks!

    Oh-I got a bunch of new Coach stuff-will post pics later!
  2. I thought the agendas came with a pen? The ones at the stores have matching pens included in the display.
    Also, I was thinking of doing the same thing, using the agenda as a cover for a plain notepad, not as an address book or calendar. Please keep us updated on whether or not you find something that works, because I'd like to do it, too!
  3. Mine did not come with a pen-mine came from an outlet-maybe that is why? Do you have an agenda? Hmm-I wonder if I called the 800 number if they could sell me the pen that comes with the agenda-ya think?
  4. I don't have one . . . yet. I've been back and forth about them for a few weeks now, and after seeing the red ones in the latest catalog I might wait until August and buy one of those.
    I also think it's absolutely worth a shot to call Coach and ask about replacement pens. They seems so helpful about replacement hang tags and straps, I bet they have replacement pens. Good luck.
    What color did you get, btw?
  5. I just called the 800 # for Coach and they are going to send me a complimentary pen that fits in the agenda.

    As for the note pad refill-no-they do not carry it anymore for my size agenda (6x8), but she said that Staples and Office Depot both carry note pad refills that will fit. guess I know where I am going later!

    It's the mini sig on the outside and it is trimmed in the mahogany leather-mahogany leathr on the inside also.

    Here are some pics:
    mini sig agenda.jpg agenada inside.jpg agenda inside2.jpg
  6. Oh, that's very cute. Congrats! I think I like the closure on this one better than the snap ones they currently have. Hmmm . . .
    Also, congrats on the pen replacement!
  7. Yes! That is what attracted me to this-I really like the way it closes! Besides, I am a freak for the mini sig-I don't really like the regular sig and am sorry to hear that they won't be doing the mini anymore :sad:.

    Oh-and of course I LOVE their leather-yum!
  8. That was so nice of them to send you a complimentary pen! Your agenda is adorable, congratulations! Now wheres everything else? :P
  9. Show us!! did you finally get to make a trip to the outlets?
  10. SO CUTE! I need to get another refil for my agenda, I didn't get one this year and now I think I should just wait until the 2007s come out.

    Can't wait to see your other stuff!
  11. I went to Staples yesterday and they didn't have anything that would fit into my agenda. They only had ring binder refills-so slip in refills. gonna look online