Coach agenda question...

  1. Hi! I got a very nice black, Coach agenda for Christmas from my BF. Does anyone own one of these? How good do they keep?

    I still have not used it because I'm afraid it will get all scratched up. I would have preferred the stripe, fabric legacy but they are all out nationwide. :sad:
  2. That looks very nice! I've seen some at the outlets. Seems pretty durable unless your agenda tends to knock into stuff a lot.
  3. I have had one since the first of the year and I use it daily. It is holding up very well. I carry it and use it every day. Don't be afraid to use it.
  4. No worries, they hold up very well! I have a leather one exactly like that one, that I have had and carried daily since my senior year of high school 4 years ago. And it's still going very well. You should have no problem. :yes:
  5. mine didnt hold up very well, and I would bringi the outlet bag with me LOL. so i ended up selling iit.
  6. I've used mine for a little over a year now..and have it with me is scratching up some...but I still think it looks good.
  7. Thanks for the input! :yes:

    I'll let you know if I keep it or return it for something else! I hope I can still return it...will have to check!
  8. you can't be afraid to use an agenda. its something that will get USED! unless you just put it on a shelf and look at it!

    it won't get scratched up horribly bad, but of course if will start to show use with time like any other good leather product!