Coach agenda/planner users, quick question --

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  1. In the planner, is there a 'calendar spread' (i.e. a 2 page spread with a calendar-type view of the months) in addition to the weekly pages?

  2. with the 6X8 ones there is not so sure about the smaller ones
  3. oooh this is promising!

    Anyone know about the 4x7 planners?

    I waaaant one really bad, but it wouldn't be very useful if I didn't have the calendar 'view' in addition to the weekly planning!

  4. In the 3x5 there is
  5. I also have a 6x8 and it has the calendar; don't know about the other sizes!
  6. I have the 6x8 and it has the calendar, but I don't use it as I have all that info on my BBerry - I just use it with a 5x7 pad for notes in client meetings - I downsized from a full size portfolio - got tired of hauling around so much heavy stuff!
  7. I have a 3x5 planner. At the beginning, there are is a 2 page calender spread for each month and then each week gets a two page spread.

    I don't have a ton of things to write, so the 3x5 works well for me. I can fit into my smallest purses and even my white coat pocket.
  8. Yes, the 3x5 has 2 page spread for each month. Also, you should be able to find day runner or at-a-glance refills at office depot, etc., which cost less than Coach refills.
  9. I have one in all three sizes and they all have the calendar spread.
  10. yes mine has both...i love my planner its 3x5 kahki with black trim...i love this thing,it is the perfect size to keep all the kids appts and our vacation plans...and it fits in all my bags

  11. Yes, there is in mine, or at least I think this is what you are talking about (pic attached).

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  12. The pic I just posted was from a 4 x 7 planner!