Coach ad in Oct. 07 Lucky

  1. The ad in the new Lucky has this cute bag that I MUST have if it comes in a smaller size. The tote is in plaid similar to the Hamptons carryall on the coach site.

    Does this come out October (especially since the magazine is dated as October??
  2. Hmmm.... I gotta dig up my last Lucky and see if I can find it. I don't know for sure what it means but you could call Coach to ask them. Also, check their website for their online magazine (can't think of the darn name of it) but I believe there's an 'as seen in' section you could check out.
  3. No, guess not. They're still showing September's Lucky. I don't even know if I have October's edition. I found September. Who's on the cover of October?
  4. What page of Lucky?
  5. Is this the bag?
  6. Cute accessories...
    40946.jpg 40947.jpg 40949.jpg 40950.jpg
  7. And...
    40990.jpg 60203.jpg
  8. oh i LOVE that coin purse wristlet!!! i have the legacy striped one but would rather have this one, it's adorable!
  9. Ooh, I love all of those!
  10. I'll be giving that French wallet a home. :drool:
  11. ooohh i hope they make a ponytail scarf with the plaid print too, i think that it'd be so cute!
  12. isnt that just a spoof of the burberry items?
  13. The coin wristlet and cosmetic case are amazing! My only problem would be keeping them clean... I'm messy =\
  14. i love that wristlet and agenda. but i'd be scared to get it dirty. but i'd love to see it IRL.