Coach Ad Campaigns, Past & Present

  1. Saw a similar thread in the H forum, thought it would be fun to start one here. Here are a few random ones to get started.
    57136_adv_4131_122_1065lo.JPG 57141_adv_4154_122_809lo.JPG 57153_adv_5891_122_893lo.JPG 57158_adv_6455_122_457lo.JPG adv_0662.JPG
  2. Mena Suvari and Katie Holmes.
    adv_0254.JPG adv_0731.JPG
  3. And some more eye/purse candy.
    adv_1606.JPG adv_7713.JPG adv_7732.JPG
  4. Those are great!

    I have only been into Coach for not quite a year...and I find their adds to just be breathtaking!

    Thank you for posting! I look forward to many more!!!
  5. thanks for posting these! I may have some to share, but I need to scan them!! These pics are just gonna make me want some older collections that I missed out on!!
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. this is a great thread, but i agree it's definitely making me wish that i had most of the bags that are in the ads and the elusive headband that the perfume model is wearing!
  9. Oldie but goodie

    From 1978
  10. And 1977

  11. Julianne Moore
  12. Poppies!!!!
  13. wow i love the retro ones from the 70s!
  14. I love the older ads from the 70s! Those are awesome! This is such a fun thread
  15. Oh my gosh...those add's from the 70's are to die for!!! How neat!