Coach accident confession..

  1. I have a confession to make...I spilled hot pink nail polish on my inner pocket in my black Chelsea Optic hobo from last year. In my defense, this was long before I truly appreciated my Coach bags and developed a new found love for them. It was right after Christmas last year and I left a pink polish in there and it leaked. I am so ashamed! :shame:

    Can you ever forgive me Coach? :sad::cry:

    There, I feel better now...:shame:
  2. Just don't let it happen again.... :p:upsidedown:
  3. Can nail polish remover take it off? If its the lining it should just come off. I'm sure your bag isn't mad. maybe you should take it to the mall and show her off again.
  4. I won't let it happen again! NO more nail polish in my bags EVER!!!!! :sweatdrop:

    I am not sure if it can come off with nail polish remover, anyone know for sure??

    Now, I am so paranoid that after my Chelsea bag arrives...I am going to the Navy Exchange to buy a Cosmetic Pouch!! :nuts:
  5. NO it will turn the fabric another color!!!

    If its all dry just try peeling it away, or just forget about it. Did it stain the outside of the bag ?
  6. Nope, it is just the little zippered pocket on the inside of the bag that is stained. Thank Goodness it's not visible to anyone but me!!

    I swear I've learned my lesson. :smile:
  7. You bad girl! Go sit in the corner until I say you can come back out and play with the other little girls!

    HAHAHAH, it happens. Don't let it get to you!
  8. yeah -- it will change color... when i was like 12 i loved painting my 'nails' - i bit them, so i call them 'nails'... anyway, i am very clumsy & i spilled a glob of it all over my bedroom carpet.. my mom was pissed!!!!! i tried to clean it before she'd notice but it left a huge weird color spot.. so much for that! don't do it!
  9. If you never mentioned it you would have been the only one who knew! I'm glad you got that off your chest though. Just keep it zippered and its like it never happened! Now that you learned your lesson I guess you can buy another Coach bag...hehe jk!!!
  10. I had a nail polish accident once too. The bottle dropped and splattered all over an MCM bag that I loved.:crybaby: I am definitely more careful now! :yes: Inside my bags, all makeup items have to be in a secure makeup case. I am so @nal about it!:lol:
  11. I bring my own nail polish to my manicures and I always keep the bottles inside a Ziplock bag. We are all allowed the occasional error in judgement-I am sure your Chelsea forgives you!