Coach accessories & Gilory outlet

  1. Years ago I had a small Coach change purse and a lipstick case. The lipstick case eventually wore out and I gave the change purse away. Now I want to replace them. Does anyone know of a legit. ebay seller who sells these? Or, do they have them at the outlets?
    Also, I might be going to the Gilroy, CA outlet next week. Anyone know if that's a good outlet? I don't think I've ever been to the Coach outlet there!
  2. I'm sure the outlet will have the change purse! Possibly the lipstick case but I havent seen one of those at my outlet (Destin, FL), maybe I just wasnt looking hard enough.

    I'll check eBay right now, see if I can find some from reputable sellers. What did the change purse look like? Was the material signature, leather, satin, silk, etc?
  3. It was a brown leather. rounded shape with a zipper. Very soft and lightweight. Thanks for checking!
  4. Those coin purses are always at the outlets in different colors. I have yet to see a lipstick case though. good luck.
  5. Buttons you're talking about this right?
  6. oh those are adorable.. and they are always in the outlets whenever I go visit so you shouldn't have any problems finding one =) I even saw some lipstick cases when I was in Vegas a few weeks ago.
  7. Yes, that's like the one I'm talking about! Thanks - I think I will go to the outlet next week. I'd love one in red to match my red purse!
  8. Gilroy is a great Coach favorite of the CA outlets..and I've been to most of them!
  9. Personally I think the Petaluma outlet is better. SA are much nicer, the store is very clean, and they have more of a selection (more stuff from retail-Coach stores).

    The Gilroy one always seems crowded and the SA rushed. DON'T go there on black friday, holy crap!
  10. Hm...I didn't like Petaluma at all....I thought they had a terrible selection when I was there...maybe its gotten better...that was a couple of years ago...I drove by Gilroy more when I lived out there....and Holiday weekend shopping (although it is crowded) I always thought they had the best selection...since I was usually hitting up Gilroy, Vacaville, and the Napa Valley stores those weekends. Gilroy always had the most selection on extended discount.
  11. You can call the outlet and ask them if they have it before making the trip. I called the outlet today before going and got 2 bags and a skinny! I'm glad I did cause I was thinking of not going at all!!!
  12. Great idea! I will call them on Monday. Thank you!
  13. Gilroy opened a larger outlet store this spring. I really love the selection. I got a large sateen nylon tote for $80 this past weekend.
  14. Oooh... The only outlets I've been to are Gilroy,Cabazon, the one in vegas, and carlsbad in SD. Keeping in mind that I do not go to these places often and only once in awhile I have found that the Gilroy store is great! It is big! And when I went, last week, it was PACKED! with Lots of cheap finds. Second is the Cabazon outlet which is pretty big and I have found good deals there and it is also busy. 3rd comes the San Diego store and Las vegas. For some reason I never find anything I like that is also cheap enough to purchase there.