Coach 30% Off Coupon

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  2. I went to the outlet today at Las Vegas and the SA was handing these out at the door. So if you didn't print them, don't panic!
  3. In every CO that I have ever been in, there is usually a SA handing out 20% additional coupons just inside the door.

    A few weeks ago I received a 30% coupon via email, and I went to see what I could find. I found that they reduced their usual in-store discount of 50% to 40%. Has anyone found the 50% with the 30% coupon?

    If you have also found the 40% verses the usual 50%, the 30% off coupon is just a brilliant marketing ploy to make you think you are getting more of a discount when you are not. They are playing the numbers game.

    Here is how it works:

    Say a $289 handbag is marked down to $144.50 with the original 50% discount that is given in the back section of the store. Then they mark it down another 20% with the coupon they hand you when you walk in the door. That is $115.60 for the bag.

    Say we take the same $289 handbag and mark it down 40%, which is $173.40 and then take another 30% with the email coupon. That is $121.38 for the same handbag.

    That is a difference of $5.78 more that you would pay with the 30% off coupon than with the 20% off coupon. You would also pay slightly more tax.
    That may seem insignificant to some, but imagine them doing that in every CO with every item they sell. That results in $$$$$.

    I realize that times are tough and getting tougher, but IMO, it should be a true 70% off the full retail $289 price the first time for a total of $86.70.

    BTW, I found that Macy's uses this 'magical math' discounting technique too.

  4. Yes, many times on previous 30% coupon sales. It all depends on what each store has in stock.

    You might want to check the Coach shopping section on the site before you hit the stores in your area so you know what is on hand.

    The whole coupon deal is always a marketing ploy as they almost always offer a coupon. I never shop there without a coupon deal.

    Oh and BTW all stores use that magic math of % off %. It is never additive.
  5. They also increased the price of the non-clearanced items by $10 to 'adjust' for the coupon. At the end of the day it's is up to the consumer to decide which price is worth it to them. The coupon is just an extra bonus, we still have to do the math!