Coach 25% with phone call :)

  1. Hey! Today I went to Coach, and I found out that if you got a phone call from Coach, you can get 25% off. Well, I did not get a phone call, and this nice saleslady told me to say I got a phone call. :smile: Go say you had a phone call and you can get 25% off! I hope so... I got 25% off :smile: I don't know how long it lasts, so if anybody knows, please post.
  2. What??!! that's crazy.. Coach *JUST* had their friends & family event 25% off like last month! OOOOOO makes me wanna buy more stuff now (: haha... what did you end up getting??
  3. This is crazy, but I love it!
  4. Seriously!? LOL awesome. I hope they dont ask for what the phone call said exactly :Push: If they do I'll say my mom picked up :P
  5. haha i got a coach hobo bag tyedye bag :heart: Saved me a lot of money!
  6. ^ Oooh! Go to the COACH forum and share :heart: :shame:
  7. Was it today? How long is this going on for?
  8. Sorry for the delayed post. I dont' know how long it is, but when I went, it was July 1st, 2006.
  9. im going to go try today.. will let you know!!!
  10. let me know if it still works
  11. That's the one I want!! :love: I wonder if it will still work...
  12. I was there on Monday; the SA said that they were not doing it; it was only select stores that did not meet their sales quota for the month of June.
  13. oh that's horrible :sad: i hope people in the san jose area can go!
  14. Aww too bad I missed out :sad:
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