Coach 25% off

  1. I got the coach 25% off card in the mail. I banned myself from all shopping until the day after Thanksgiving (saving for a supercool tv) and I don't need a new bag (despite how the legacy clutch calls to me to match my ballet flats). Ahhhhhh so the moral of this is one of you lovely tPF girls can get my coupon via snail mail by PMing me. BUTTTTT please make sure you use it and take a pic of ur lovely item (bc if you don't use it Ill know not to give couons to you in the future, only fair IMO).
  2. I'm pmming you now!!
  3. gone....
  4. Wow, I got it. First time I "won" anything in life except for stuff on eBay, lol.
  5. DH and I received those coupons too. It's strange because I never shop there. But anyway, the cards are up for grabs. PM me with ur address if you want it. (I have two to give out)
  6. oreocat, I am new to this, How do I pm you?
  7. ^ Just click on my avitar and use the PM link on that page.
  8. I just send u an email to the one you provided, I have less than 5 post so I cant pm you.
  9. gone~
  10. Wow! that's amazing! you lucky girls!
  11. If anyone has one they aren't using please pm me. TIA
  12. I would also love a PM if you could spare me a card. Thanks so much!
  13. Is this PCE? What type of promotion is it? thanks!
  14. Any extras???? I would love one!:yes: